Z is Useless

Well certainly, if we were fortunate enough to have a lovely day, I’d be out in the garden.  And if the sun shone a bit, I might spend a couple of hours in the greenhouse.  There’s a lot of potting up to do and I will have to do it tomorrow.  I might even be all hearty and energetic and go for a bike ride, if it were not for a chilly wind.  As it is, however, I’m taking the opportunity to do pretty well nothing.  I’m lounging about eating chocolate, listening to Jimi Hendrix and reading.  It’s an ideal opportunity, being a Bank Holiday and I haven’t the least anxiety that I ought to be doing something useful.

At least I’m awake, which can’t be said for the Sage.

I suppose I’m easily entertained.

15 comments on “Z is Useless

  1. Alienne

    That is a nice photo – you are looking at the camera this time.

    I have done a little pottering, but not a lot. Enough to make me feel I have done something.

  2. Z

    Thank you – were were all grinning like cheesemongers in yesterday’s photos, with hair blowing all over our faces. I really only like my left eye and two of my teeth, but I’m learning to live with the rest of me.

    You’re restricting me to one day, Savannah darling?

  3. mago

    Sofa, chokolate, HEndrix!
    And a who-dunnit.

    Congratulation to the photograph – and for using it here: mutig.

    And very nice.

  4. luckyzmom

    I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday reading a gripping mystery novel and stopped only because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. There also may have been a small piece or two of chocolate.

  5. Z

    It was a brief nap, Ziggi – he dozed off in front of his computer, which was quite amusing.

    I’m afraid I had a small cake later too. I think a strict regime of vegetables and yoghurt will be necessary for the next few days. Still, I like the idea of inducing temptations, and even more that of being a goddess, though probably one who’s gone to the dark side.

    But the fallen angels in Paradise Lost were always the more interesting characters, I felt. It was Belial “flown with insolence and wine” (CBATG, so sorry if that’s wrong) who appealed to me most.


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