Z is tying up loose ends

I felt a lightness at lunchtime today, because all the interviews are over.  They have gone very well, showing how jolly good our staff are.  When you wish you had an extra post to give, you have good candidates.  I said to the others that hearing members of staff talk about the school has given me a lot of information about the school without having to ask directly, all very interesting.  We have to hand our notes in of course, the disadvantage of which being that I can’t ponder on what was talked about.  I have to hope I’ll remember it all.  I may be vague, but it’s all in the brain somewhere, surely.

I’ve been making mincemeat today, though I’m not sure where this cooking activity has come from.  I suppose it’s because I’ve been out of the house a lot and I’ve lost my usual domestic equilibrium and this is how I regain it.  I’ve got to clear space in the larder for all these preserves, they’re all lined up on the kitchen counter at the moment.

I mentioned the other day that Ben was well-behaved when let out the other day – well, his behaviour is transformed.  I open the door, he trots out and a few minutes later, I open it again and he comes back in.  Or, if he’s not back, I call, he runs back from the field, comes up to me to be patted and I tell him he can go off again for a while.  He must just have been ready at the time I decided to put a bit of work into teaching him, it took little enough.  He does love a walk on the lead, or for me to go out with him, but it does make life easier if he can go out whenever he wants to, even if I’m busy.  He’s happier too, I can tell, very affectionate but not so demanding.



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