Z is surprised

Today was the only free day I had to do some domestic bits and pieces.  There were dozens of newspapers to sort out (Russell never throws them away when I’m not here) and the house was pretty untidy.  I’m planning to move the freezer and needed to clear the space where it’s going, the beds were due to be changed – general this and that.  So I spent an hour or two clearing and sorting out and was ready to start cleaning when friends arrived.  So I stopped, made coffee and stayed to chat.

And then a van drove up and, to my surprise, my cleaners got out.  I haven’t got the four-week schedule sorted out in my mind, I thought they were coming next Tuesday.  It was brilliant, the house was all ready to be cleaned and I just had to get out clean bedlinen for them.  So I had a free afternoon, not that I did anything much with it, once I’d prepared a big apple crumble, sorted out quite a lot of wine that’s been delivered, walked the dog and so on.

Al, Dilly and the boys turned up while Squiff was at Brownies, which was good as I hadn’t seen them recently.  And Ro and Dora are going to come over at the weekend.

First, three days of interviews, two of them long ones, for the new Head.  I may blog, but please excuse me if I don’t.  I actually think that Ofsted is easier than this.  I hope I’ll be very cheerful by Friday night.

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