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I need to walk away from the wine bottle.  I’ve got a lot of reading to do tonight.

Yesterday, I suddenly felt completely drained in the middle of the afternoon and sat down for ten minutes for a nap.  I woke an hour and a half later.  I’d had very little sleep the night before, but all the same, that was a bit extreme and really messed up my revision plans.  However, I seemed to have done all my worrying during that sleepless night and had six straight hours before the alarm woke me this morning.  And I had allowed time for a last-minute read-through (I’d not been neglectful last night either, obv) and I was ready to leave, having walked the dog twice – sheesh – by 7.50.  That I didn’t actually leave until 8 o’clock showed that I was, again, near to tears with nerves.

However, that’s the way I deal with nerves, I get them over and done with and then move on.  I felt fine after that.  And the day has been really stimulating and engaging.  Tomorrow come the formal interviews.  I didn’t leave school until 7, then had to come home and cook dinner, have somehow managed to drink half a bottle of red wine…h’m.  It went down without having an effect, adrenalin processes alcohol instantly.

Now down to work.  Onwards and upwards, darlings.  And it beats doing the housework any time.  I love a challenge and to be challenged, I’m not ready for retirement yet, dammit.

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    1. Z Post author

      Big day today, at the end we may have a new Head. It’s not like giving birth except that it’ll feel like the end but it’s actually only the beginning.


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