Z is still awake

I have been awake rather a long time.  I had no sleep at all last night.  Literally none, not even a brief nap. I lay for a while, turned on my phone for a while, when the light made my eyes tired I turned it off and tried to settle – nothing worked.  At about 3 am, playing PathPix Pro, I noticed something crawling across the sheet.  I couldn’t tell what it was and had to turn the light on, just a flicker on and off, to see that it was a ladybird.  The light didn’t wake the Sage, but opening the window to bundle it out did.  After that brief excitement, he went back to sleep.  I didn’t.  I finally got up at 4, meaning to do some typing of the minutes from last Friday, but then it occurred to me that, with the Aga off for its service this morning, it was the ideal time for a really good clean, so that’s what I did next.  Later, eating an apple and drinking camomile tea, I made a good start on the minutes.

I really thought that I’d have a nap at some time, but it didn’t happen.  It did not help that the governors’ training session in Lowestoft that I thought was going to take a morning was actually a full day.  I have been awake for 36 hours and I’m still not especially tired.  I am, however, quite cheesed off.

News of the day is that work has started on the drive.  By the end of the week, weather permitting, it should be done.

And now it is time for University Challenge.  I know nothing, but I watch it – it’s almost the only programme I watch – for old time’s sake, because Bamber Gascoigne was my first heartthrob.  Paxo isn’t in the same league, of course.  I tolerate him, however.

8 comments on “Z is still awake

  1. Z

    Oh no they wouldn’t, von LX! But I’m not putting it to the test tonight. I’m going to bed now.

    YOU MET BAMBER GASCOIGNE? Oh Rog, I’m proper jealous. I fell for him when I was 5 years old. Or thereabouts.

  2. Dave

    I am still awake at the moment, but I know I shall be asleep in about an hour’s time. I can’t imagine going a whole night with no sleep. I don’t think that I’ve ever done that. I like my sleep, and it likes me.

  3. broken biro

    The best thing I’ve tried are Valerian drops in water or dousing yourself in lavender or chamomile essential oil… or go crazy and have both… you’ll soon ‘slip’ to sleep!

  4. Z

    I’d had a tot of whisky, John. And I don’t think that’s ever happened before – I’ve occasionally given up and got up, but later fallen asleep downstairs or gone back to bed.

    It was so unexpected, BB, I didn’t have anything to hand, though I had lavender oil downstairs. I’m not sure about too much scent, even soporific essential oils though – I was once given a ‘sleep pillow’ and I couldn’t use it – I tried and the fact that I could smell anything was too stimulating.

    I was in bed by 9 and fell asleep. My sister rang for a chat at 9.30, not knowing – but I slept afterwards and didn’t wake until after 7 o’clock. So I did, thank you Mig.


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