Lucky hedgehog

I was in bed by nine last night and, apart from being woken by a phone call at nine thirty, I slept right through until the alarm this morning.  So I have functioned perfectly well today.  Music at the school this morning.  The teacher was a couple of minutes late, so I let the pupils in, they all put their bags in the corner, sat down without being told, then I stood in front of them, introduced myself (I haven’t been in this class before) and said that the teacher would be there soon.  There was total silence.  I felt that they were waiting for more.  I was about to say, er, you can talk to each other for a few minutes until she arrived – when she did.  Which was just as well, that degree of good behaviour might have gone to my head.

I went to Gardening Club this evening, which was good, because I never made it at all last year.  I make my good resolutions in the autumn more than in January, and one of them is always to be more sociable and not to let duty override pleasure – good intentions always peter out after a while though, there gets to be too much to do and something has to give.

The other good thing is that my car has passed its MOT again. I’m still not fond of it, but it’s been very good value.  Only cost £1500 three years ago, then on 98,500ish miles, I’ve added another 18,000 and the engine sounds as good as ever.  I have no excuse for ditching it – and I won’t do so.  Mike dealt with it all, and so I had to get about on my bike today, which felt very worthy.  After all this time, I’m sure that cycling shouldn’t still feel like an effort, but it does more often than not.

Getting on with the drive, they aren’t going to be here tomorrow, but will do the resurfacing on Thursday and Friday, having almost finished the preparation (the Sage has decided we need another soakaway, so that’s being dug).  It’ll be quite chaotic around here, I daresay.  I must remember to move the car to the road, I need to go out on both days – though possibly by bike on Friday.  It’ll be great to have it done.  The job was started in April – although we have done a lot else over the summer, it’s not been a single job that has taken all that time.

The hedgehog in the title was in the road on my return home tonight.  Confused by my lights, it started to run one way and then the other; it was a narrow country road and I didn’t know how to avoid it.  So I stopped, rather abruptly.  And then had to reverse because I didn’t know if it had curled up or run away.

7 comments on “Lucky hedgehog

  1. Mike and Ann

    This is like an episode of Dick Barton, Special Agent. We are left on tenterhooks. Which had it done, please? Only, of course, if you’d squished it, then we don’t want details.
    Regards, Mike and Ann.

  2. Dave

    My driving instructor taught me never to do an emergency stop for any animal, as it may cause an accident, with cars following behind. I learned to drive in a busy town in the southe-east. I suspect if I’d learned in the country, where a) there are no vehicles following and b) animals in the road (eg a cow) could be more dangerous to run into than not.

  3. Roses

    Good to hear the hedgehog was lucky and you had a good night’s sleep.

    Ah…so this is the time of year I’ll need to get you to give me your resolutions? Clarinet perhaps?

  4. Scarlet Blue

    Pleased you’ve finally got some sleep… and the hedgehog was saved.
    I did think of you when I went to bed last night… I thought: If I can’t get to sleep then I can always get up and chat to Z!!!

  5. Z

    It wasn’t an emergency stop, I don’t drive fast on country roads and I’d taken my foot off the accelerator when I saw the hedgehog – if it hadn’t turned back and forth it would have had time to reach the hedge – and, of course, I’d not slam on the brakes if a car was behind me. There was no other traffic. I’d slowed right down, but the decision to actually stop was last-moment.

    Oh dear, clarinet. I still play once a month. My main resolution every year is to meet up with friends more often – but actually, I really have done that this year. So it’s something to build on rather than start doing!

    Hope you did get some sleep, Scarlet.


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