Z is sociable.

Oh, what a good week it has been so far. Fabulous weather, saw Weeza and family, including five-month-old puppy Izzy, whom we hadn’t met before, Wink and I were able to get admin done in Norwich, I did a valuation and picked up china in Lowestoft and was given a lovely present by the vendors. I dressed in one of the Hobbs dresses I bought last summer at an absurdly cheap price, put on makeup and felt really back to normal. We have arranged visits from the rest of the family for Saturday and Monday, so I can do my favourite thing of feeding people (as well as LT and Wink, obvs) three extra times in a week.

English – Norfolk that is – asparagus can be found, but it’s forced, at this time of the year. My greengrocer doesn’t have it yet, so I was unfaithful and shopped at Norwich market, where they also had young broad beans.

There are two main birthday seasons in the family – late March to mid April and mid August to late September. Four birthdays fall outside those times, twelve within. Mid July is Tim’s birthday, of course. Is there any hope or likelihood of a blog party to celebrate, do you think?

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