Forward to the future

Now we’ve come through the worst of lockdown, we’ve started to fit in various jobs that we couldn’t do beforehand. I’ve got a visit to the bank in Norwich on Wednesday morning and a china valuation in Lowestoft on the same afternoon. More enjoyably, I’ve been happy to arrange visits from all the family – on different days, of course, because we’re not pushing it. Weeza and family are coming over tomorrow, Ronan and co on Saturday and Al and the gang next Monday. My hairdresser also has been in touch and Ive booked a haircut for the first day she’s open, on the 13th April. I thought I might have to wait a week or two, but she had a gap for a straightforward cut.

Over dinner tonight, we were mostly talking about films, notably those with Christopher Lloyd in, which took us on to various other actors because of co-stars. Remarkably, Wink doesn’t think she’s ever seen Back to the Future. She needs to put that right. Fabulous film.

4 comments on “Forward to the future

  1. dinahmow

    Well, we are still “clear” in our town, but masks are mandatory State-wide because there is new mutation of the UK variant. And I’ve booked our flu shots for tomorrow as we can’t have Covid vax til 14 days after flu vax.
    We’ll look like Frank and Jesse James, with hankies over our faces cos masks are all sold…

    1. Z Post author

      I didn’t think to take a hospital-style mask and wore a cloth one, so they gave me one when I arrived for my vaccination. It’s become a cottage industry here, making masks!

    1. Z Post author

      Well, my children were just the right age for the film when it first came out, I don’t know if I’d have seen it in the cinema otherwise, but it’s a really good film. Tim and I were quoting bits to each other, though we’ve not seen it together. Remembering much of the dialogue counts for a lot!


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