Z is reZolute

I wrote a whole long post, which was a bit of a rant, and then deleted it.  Some matters are best not shared on the open web, even if the intention is to delete after a couple of days.

I received a most apologetic phone call this morning from the lady I complained about yesterday, and all is well there.  I draw a line and now we’re friends.  

I’m feeling a bit less friendly towards Bod, but I’ve worked out a way forward.  I resent letting his arrangements go ahead, as he’ll think I was merely making a fuss, but it’s better to be gracious than resentful.

I am mentally writing my talk for Saturday.  I have put a few words down, and I think that enthusiasm will carry me through.  I will write more, probably the whole thing in full, and then condense into bullet points which I hope not to look at when the time comes.

I haven’t looked again at Nuance, the PDF rewriter.  This is stupid.  I must.  I’m avoiding, and this is, to repeat, stupid.  I haven’t yet had all the forms back, which is a poor excuse.

I was awake half the night worrying.  This is also stupid, but I couldn’t help it.

One can choose.  I will choose to be calm and relaxed, though possibly I won’t be able to put choices into practice until noon on Saturday.

I feel better now.  If you have been, thanks for listening.

10 comments on “Z is reZolute

  1. Mike and Ann

    Ref your remark about sharing things on the open web, I think the trick of blogging is to try and remember who is likely to read our blogs, and how they might feel about them. I’ve been blogging for about three and a half years now, and I remember being surprised by how many family members and friends read it. Of course if they don’t blog themselves they are unable to comment on blog, but I’d be telling some family member about an incident and they’d say “oh, yes. I read about that on your blog.” So it’s as well to bear in mind what we have revealed on blog. Don’t think I’ve made any major booboos lately though, well hope not.

  2. Dave

    I’ve suddenly found this week that I’m sleeping much better (nine hours last night) after weeks of broken sleep. It’s partly tiredness from a month of building working out, but also a number of things that I was keyed up about passing.

  3. Christopher

    ‘If you have been, thanks for listening.’ Wasn’t that John Ebdon? Goodness knows how many times he made me late for work.

    You’ll sleep better tonight, having got all that off your chest.

  4. Z

    Oh Dand, of course you aren’t. How can you, I’m so sorry.

    Chris, I feel very comfortable with you. Everything stopped for John Ebdon here, too. And I was thrilled, om visiting the Planetarium not long after he retired, to recognise his voice giving the commentary. Your comment at Dave’s place, similarly, is sending me back there now.


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