I forgot you, darlings. I’m so sorry. I’ve spent the last couple of hours on that presentation I’m doing on Saturday and then I came to bed. Let’s be glad of the iPhone, hey, for without it there would be no post at all.

A successful London visit, in that the boilers are serviced and checked and the certification delivered to the agent. By the time that was done, I wasn’t in the mood for art so I had a leisurely, albeit light, lunch instead. I went back to Liverpool street and, as I went past the Swiss bank, three men came out with a purposeful lunchward air. So I followed them. I reckoned they’d know a good place and so it proved. So I had prawn and noodle hot and sour soup and green tea, which was light and tasty and just what I needed, though I’d thought to have salad. Afterwards, it was the shortest of strolls back to the station.

I received an email from a chap whose wife’s name is Halcyon. I’m awfully impressed. Isn’t that an excellent name? Wouldn’t it be splendid if her maiden name had been Day? Surely, it must have been, though I shall never know. I can hardly ask.

Anyway, off to sleep now. Must get in that first vital hour before tossing and turning the rest of the night.

8 comments on “Whoops

  1. Eddie 2-Sox

    Halcyon is a nice word but surely a bit of a burden as a name?

    I was speaking to the shipping agent in the despatch department of one of our customers yesterday – Kristina Crate.

    And, splendidly, our cleaner is called Sheena.

  2. Z

    Zoƫ was a bit of a burden as a name when I was growing up as no one had ever heard of it.

    I know a girl called Toyota. Her first name. Splendid.

  3. luckyzmom

    Don’t you just wonder what these parents were thinking. I know labor and delivery can be difficult and all, but really.

    I was named after my father’s girlfriend!


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