Z is reliable

I whizzed around like the eagerest of little beavers today.  The night hadn’t gone well – apart from a five minute or so nap, I didn’t sleep until after 5 am and had set an alarm for 8.  But there it is, I’ve had wonderful sleep for a couple of weeks and I can’t complain about the odd night.

I drove to church, which is all of a couple of hundred yards, because I had to get more chicken food.  A few weeks ago, I fetched it in the wheelbarrow (it’s an extra hundred yards away) and it was a mistake, the weight of the barrow arms put too much strain on my dodgy hip and I suspect damage was done as, though it’s rather better, it’s not been right since.  I did barrow the bags from the car to the hen run, though, which was ok.  Actually, only one, the other I’ve put in the porch, to be easier for Charlotte who suffers from severe vertigo and has difficulty bending over as a result.  Roses is kindly going to help her with the bantams, but I’ve left it so that Charlotte can manage if there’s any glitch.

I spent the next couple of hours fetching coal and logs, clearing out the grate and getting Charlotte’s room ready – the bed was made, but I fetched her a clock radio and set the alarm for the time she wanted.  I went shopping and prepared some meals for her and generally did all I could think of to get ready, because I’m going out before she arrives.  She won’t be alone, because Ben is coming to stay with her.  I’ve written a whole page of information for her.  I do overthink things most awfully.

A friend in Yagnub phoned to ask if I could give her a lift to the funeral, to my dismay.  I’m already driving 9 miles in the wrong direction to pick up other elderly friends who don’t drive, which will delay me leaving for Mig by some time.  And now I’ll be coming back to Yagnub too, and that will add more to my journey.  Still, none of the three could get there unless I took them and I would not let them down.  I hope I’ll get on the road by about 5 and it’ll have the advantage that I’ll miss the evening rush hour, with luck.  And Mig and Barney have said they’ll keep some curry for me.

2 comments on “Z is reliable

  1. Roses

    Did you get curry?

    I’m back here, I didn’t get snowed in Norwich this evening. Charlotte will tell me what she wants doing and I’ll do it.

    For some reason one of the cockerels is giving it some tonight. Must be the nearly full moon.

  2. Z Post author

    I did and it was delicious.

    There’s only one cockerel, must be the moon I suppose, can’t think why else he’d make a fuss at this time.


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