Happy birthday dear Ziggi….

I’m back home again and all has gone very well.  I picked up my friends and the funeral was a loving and entertaining celebration of Marian’s long and full life.  I finally arrived with Mig and Barney at 9 o’clock and was given curry and wine.  And the next day, after an enormous breakfast, Mig drove us down to Zig’s birthday.

This was a joyous occasion too and Zig looked lovely and very well.  There were probably about twenty people and five dogs at the party at the village pub.  And today, I returned home, where Roses and Charlotte had kept everything sorted out here.  Ben has come to visit for the week and tomorrow I’m not planning to do very much.  Charlotte is staying until the morning.

After five years of keeping my diary entirely on my telephone, I’ve had to resort to a paper diary as well again because things were getting a bit complex.  It seems to be working well now, though, just a matter of making sure that everything fitted in, and it does seem to.  I’ll go down again next month and what’s really marvellous news is that the gruelling treatment that Zig is undergoing is working and she is doing really well.  Her condition is incurable, but it’s how she is now that counts, and she’s on the up.

Snow in Berkshire yesterday, but not here at home, so I haven’t had the chance to build my snowman yet.  The weather is due to warm up a bit for the next week, so I must be patient for a while yet.

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