Z is ready to snuggle

We’re still clearing.  The skip is now full and will be picked up tomorrow.  Finally, the remains of the old summerhouse have been removed and the wood burnt – I’ve kept the mechanism but I don’t suppose it’ll ever be used again.  The roofing felt has been taken off Kenny’s shed and some repairs are needed before it’s re-felted.  The outside of Roses’ garden fence has been painted with wood preservative, inside to be done still.  After that, it’ll be back to creosoting barns.  It’s creosote substitute of course, nowadays.

Various seedlings are up in the greenhouse – lettuce, various herbs, swiss chard and spinach and tomatoes are starting to sprout.  And the first daffodils are out on the grass by the drive.  In February, just.

We didn’t have pancakes tonight as we had pie for dinner and it would have been a bit much.  Maybe tomorrow.  I suspect I’m fonder of them than LT anyway, because I make them quite often for Zerlina and Gus and, as often as not, he doesn’t have one, whereas I usually do – though when you’ve cooked half a dozen, it’s enough to make you rather want one, to be fair.

I’ve been looking at some very nice china this afternoon while LT was being brave at the dentist.  And now, though it is quite early, I think it might soon be time for bed.  I’m ready for Summer Time when the clocks change, I’m no good with winter hours at my time of life.

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