Tip top tapping

We have a new kitchen tap as the old one was leaking. It wasn’t a matter of a new washer, it was leaking where it met the sink and water was trickling down into the cupboard beneath, as we discovered when we found a puddle on the floor.  Over the weekend, we’ve had a small heap of towels ready and replaced each in the cupboard as it became wet, drying them on the Aga rail in readiness for the next time.  Today, my plumber friend came round to check out the situation, asked what we wanted – simply a mixer tap with levers to switch on and off, not one you have to turn – and he said he’d try to get one today but it would be more likely tomorrow morning.  And he was back soon after two o’clock and fitted it for us, which was very good of him.  There are a couple of other little jobs to be done that are not urgent and he’ll come in the next week or so.

I had a post operation self-assessment to fill in online from the hospital and was able to report complete success in terms of movement, lack of pain and everything else.  Entirely positive except minor difficulty still in putting on socks – I know I’m bending that far, that is.  And if I put my foot up on a chair to tie a shoelace, it’s a bit of an effort with my left foot, no problem with my right.  I’ll be asked again in a few months, apparently.  There can’t be much more to say though – no pain, no limp, almost complete mobility.

After yesterday’s relatively strenuous work, I slept very well and didn’t wake until sometime after 7 o’clock.  Must work harder, clearly.  LT says I was talking in my sleep though.  I could only apologise, I remembered waking up to sneeze several times and then going straight back to sleep, but that wasn’t it.  He couldn’t make out what I was saying but I was talking in sentences.  Well, I can.  Sometimes.  Proper ones.

I managed to drop a spice jar onto a couple of eggs in a bowl yesterday and one of them cracked, so I put the contents into the fridge and the other egg in an egg box. But this morning, i discovered that the other one was cracked.  More mysteriously, one of the bantam eggs was broken too and it had been nowhere near the jar I’d dropped.  But I had to do something with all these eggs and so made some chocolate brownies.  Unfortunately, though my cold has receded, I can’t really taste anything so I don’t know how good the two I scoffed actually are.  I made them in the microwave.  I don’t cook much from scratch in there, but I always use it for brownies.  And sponge puddings.  I don’t think I’ve made one of those for LT yet.  We don’t normally eat puddings but once in a while, even when I was on my own, the wish for a proper pudding struck and I quickly made one in a few minutes, making custard while the microwave cooked the sponge.  Tonight, LT is cooking dinner – sea bass with green beans and mushrooms.

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