Z is ready for inspection. Reluctantly.

An open evening at the school, for parents and children interested in the school – most of them are in our catchment area, but an appreciable number from out of town.  It seemed to go down very well, in spite of our 70s and showing it buildings.  What was lovely was the prefects and year 9 students who were cheerfully giving up their evening to show people round the school – the year 9s have only been a month in the school, it was really good of them.  Some of them live in Lowestoft so had a long journey back at the end – the Head was going to drive them in the school minibus.

I wish I wasn’t fettered by the need for confidentiality, there were a couple of funny incidents.  Nothing actually confidential as such, just not fair to the people concerned to throw it out for all to see.

More than half expecting a phone call tomorrow which, until a week ago, we didn’t expect until February.  I could do without it this week.  We’re ready for an inspection of course, we’re always ready.  Several schools that were inspected at the same time as us last time have been done or received notice within the last week, so that’s a fair indication.

I didn’t get home until half past seven, so I was awfully pleased to smell cooking as I came in the door.  The Sage was cooking pork chops and baked potatoes, so I did some swiss chard that I’d picked yesterday – the chopped stalks first and then the leaves, which are like red spinach, on top at the end to wilt.

It’s occurred to me how odd it will be next spring (what?  of course I plan ahead) when I don’t need to grow whole lots of vegetable plants.  Just what we need for ourselves.  Unless Tim wants me to, there will be no point.  What it should mean is that I grow everything carefully, giving it lots of space, so I should get better plants.  That’s the theory, anyway.   Hm.  I’ve been meaning to harvest the squashes, but haven’t got around to it yet.  Must do it, they’ll rot with all this rain.

7 comments on “Z is ready for inspection. Reluctantly.

  1. Mike and Ann

    Hello Z, Some years ago when I was having to spend more time in London than I liked (I’ve always disliked London), I thought up a plan for its redevelopement. It involved pulling the lot down and planting potatoes, which I thought would be a great improvement. The idea didn’t catch on, I’m afraid.

  2. Z

    There are certainly parts of it that could be greatly improved by being turned into a potato patch. Although I’m rather fond of London, in fact.

  3. Roses

    I wish I had garden enough for a potato patch. I’m seriously thinking about an allotment, though I think one allotment would be too big for Boy and me to manage. Especially since it would be down to me to manage it.

  4. Z

    I’m afraid I don’t Chris. I’m happy to say that Weeza has not lost all hers, despite more than two years living back in Norfolk.

    A whole allotment is awfully big, Roses. If you could share it might work, but it’s still a lot of ground and it all needs weeding on a lovely day when you might want to lounge in the garden. If it’s close by, it’s better as you can wind down for an hour or two in the evenings.There’s nothing like it, I wouldn’t be without.


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