I’ve had a frustrating evening, but I’ve sorted it out at last, and learned a few lessons.  I’ve been receiving documents for the last few weeks and had to put them all together, using a PDF rewriter.  Of course, that was a pc one, so I’d loaded it on the Sage’s laptop.  I shifted the files across and put them together but, late in the day, discovered that some of them had been corrupted in the process.  So I had to retype a lot of information.  And, when you’re used to using one type of computer, using another is very annoying.  They are similar enough that you think they are going to be the same, and the air turns a bit blue when you find they aren’t.

Anyway, I now know for sure that I don’t want a pc, not ever.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them or either type of computer is better or worse – I’ve been pretty bored with the whole thing of Mac/PC rivalry for a long time – just that I’ve used one for over 20 years and I don’t want to have to relearn things.  Learning something entirely new is a different matter – I hope I’ll never give up on that.

Anyway, the weather looked a bit dodge today so we called off the bricklaying.  It didn’t rain all that much, but there was a steady drizzle for a while, so it was just as well.  We haven’t had the Ofsted call at school yet but it’s still more likely than not.  I can’t fuss about that either.

Now I’ve finally got that lot of documents off, I can start on the agenda for the governors’ meeting.  I’ll not finish tonight though, I’m tired and unreliable.  I’ll get the obvious bits done and work on the rest tomorrow morning.  Though I’ve got Nadfas tomorrow morning, and taking Tilly to the vet for a check-up before that.

Business before pleasure, I fear.  I may not make it to the lecture.

The catalogue for our sale is online – I’ve got a link to it under ‘the day job’ on the sidebar.

9 comments on “Corruption

  1. Anonymous

    Totally off subject but the Mrs just read a one line reference to Lowestoft China in a novel called “What The Dead Know” by Laura Lippman….
    Just thought I’d mention it…

  2. Ad

    Am I the only one who thinks Apple make a better job at ensuring product longevity?

    Sounds like a busy day lies ahead, trust it all goes well.

  3. Z

    No, Ad, but you have to have something positive for the extra money!

    No, Dave, it referred to the three extra hours of work that I hadn’t expected yesterday evening, hunched over an unfamiliar laptop. Nevertheless, I did complete the agenda and have sent it out.

  4. Z

    Eddie, you’re on. It can go with the crested china swan that the Sage inexplicably bought the other day on eBay. They will make our respective fortunes.

  5. Z

    Sorry Bill – that’s the trouble with reading emails on the phone – it comes as a surprise, doesn’t it, when something like that happens. Was the book worth reading? – I’ll check it out.

  6. Z

    Oh, and it’s set in Baltimore. Even more surprising, then.

    Though we have sold a piece of Lowestoft shipped over from Chicago.


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