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A good deal of what I write on this blog contains random facts about me – in the past couple of years I’ve said more about myself than I’d inflict on anyone if they were actually with me to hear it. But there’s always something more if one thinks about it.

1 As a child, I had an incredibly small appetite. I thought of this when I wrote about how much Squiffany and Pugsley ate the other day. As the Boy says, where do they put it? With me, the remarkable thing is that body and soul stayed together. A sample meal – roast chicken. Mother, passing me a plate on which reposed a small thin slice of chicken and half a roast potato – “What vegetables would you like?” Z “Three peas and half a brussels sprout, please.” And that would be the meal, for we never had a pudding. It still bemuses me, how much people can pack away and stay slim, when I rarely finish a plateful.

2 I have unmatching feet and hands. I know that everyone is asymmetrical, but while my left foot is larger than my right, my right hand is larger than my left.

3 My middle initial is B. My second Christian name is possibly the oddest, and certainly one of the most useless, that my parents could have thought of, whilst actually having a valid reason for choosing it. Both my sister and I have first names which, while very unusual at the time, are now quite popular. I didn’t meet anyone else called Zoë until I was about 15, and then I met a girl called Zoe, short for Zohshka (I’ve no idea how she spelt it, but it’s pronounced with a long o).

4 I have only stayed in hospital three times. Once when my daughter was born, when my second son was born (the first was born at home) and once to have a nodule removed from my vocal cords. If this gives you any suggestion that I am disgustingly healthy, it’s true.

5 I am also absurdly lucky. More so than anyone deserves. I have an efficient and conscientious guardian angel who repeatedly saves me from myself and everything else.

6 I make my most important decisions purely on instinct. For example, and I think I’ve told you about this before too, there was the time we walked into a house, a couple of weeks after Al was born, and I said “I want to live here, can we buy it?”, and we did, at the auction a couple of days later. When I said that, I hadn’t gone further than the drawing room. And, eight years later, when I suggested we leave there and come to live here, I didn’t know I was going to say that until I already had. My husband’s response was, later the same day, to suggest we had another baby, and Ro was born 10 months later (it would have been nine months I daresay, but I was on the pill at the time of the conversation)

7 I have no hang-ups about food. For someone who likes pretty well everything, including olives, Marmite and brussels sprouts, who is unperturbed by raw meat and fish, who eats vegetables straight out of the soil (yes, I know this isn’t a good idea, but it doesn’t stop me), who loves the stinkiest of cheeses, the most flavoursome curries (this doesn’t necessarily mean the hottest, it’s the blend of spices, including the hot ones, that I like) as well as a subtle mousse or a gentle soup, for someone who will tuck into a Big Mac or fish and chips just as cheerily as the haughtiest of cuisines, there is no food I crave if I don’t eat it. For the last few weeks I’ve been conscientiously dieting, and it’s no problem at all to watch other people eat food, however much I like it, and not eat it myself. Or, to be polite, I’ll have a small amount and leave the rest. I am gratified to discover that, if need be, I’ll stop drinking and not really care, though I hope I won’t have to.

I’m really hopeless about tagging people in case they don’t like it – although I like memes myself, both doing and reading. So please feel tagged if you care to, but I won’t tell you so that you don’t feel obligated.

8 comments on “Z is randomly weird

  1. The Boy

    I think the luck thing is often in perception rather than completely in reality. I’d consider my life pretty lucky too, but when I’ve talked to friends about it, they say “but this happened, and it was horrible, or what about that.” Life is life, a lot is in how you live it.

    Which is not to say bad luck doesn’t exist. There are good people to whom bad things happen.

  2. Z

    Bad things happen, but death and taxes, for example, aren’t a matter of luck. Yes, it’s attitude too, but with an angel like mine, who wouldn’t be optimistic?

    Actually, my complete and literal reliance on my guardian angel is, quite possibly, the weirdest thing about me. This thought doesn’t bother me at all.

  3. Z

    Don’t think, John, that I wouldn’t attack a man in a wheelchair. No discrimination around here.

    I have a small appetite. I just like a varied diet.


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