Z finds it feels good to be wanted

The society with which I went to Krakow last spring is organising another trip, this time to Madrid. As ever, the Sage declined my invitation to accompany me – delightful as he finds my company, a chap does need a few days break once in a while, if only to appreciate me the more on my return. There was a rather swingeing single room surcharge, so I asked if anyone was looking for someone to share with, and there was.

I know her, and she is friendly and delightful, but we’ve never had more than the briefest chat and I dithered all weekend about ringing her; for two reasons – one, did I want to share with her and two, did she want to share with me, and might I be putting her badly on the spot by asking? In the end I thought, sod it, it’s a saving of over a hundred pounds for four nights and I like her, and so I rang her.

J was really pleased I’d phoned and will be delighted to share with me. We’ve both promised not to snore. It feels slightly weird, but then I shared a room with Wink and the Bod on the ferry to France in October and none of my bedroom arrangements will ever seem odder than that.

J’s husband died earlier this year and she has been on holiday with friends since and she said the loneliest part was going back to the bedroom alone, at the end of the day to dress for dinner. This hadn’t put her off another trip, but she’ll be glad of my company.

13 comments on “Z finds it feels good to be wanted

  1. Phil

    I may be new around here, but what’s this ‘society’? Or is it a secret? And when you say “dress for dinner”, do you mean roll up a trouser leg?

  2. Z

    Goodness, two new visitors in a day. Welcome, Phil.

    It’s a branch of NADFAS, which no one has ever heard of before they become members. I’m afraid I was more than usually obscure in this post, but everyone but Dave remembers past references (Wink and the Bod are my sister and her bloke) and I hadn’t allowed for someone who doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

  3. Phil

    People who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about are the only kind I ever encounter.

    But having just Googled NADFAS, I’m now fully up to speed. I just need to be formally introduced to Wink, and I’ll feel completely at home.

  4. The Boy

    There are times in my life when sharing a room was de riguer, but I am old and set in my ways. Other than my LL and the kids the thought just makes me shudder…

  5. Z

    I’ll open a bottle then, Phil.

    HDWK – I will, but it won’t happen until April!

    Boy, you are indeed old, but still a good decade behind me. However, I’ll bear it in mind, so that I will not put you on the spot and embarrass you when next I’m looking for a travelling companion.

    WG – either we’ll get on so well we’ll want to do the same on the next holiday, or else we’ll be very polite and friendly and breathe a sigh of relief at the end! I don’t mind paying double room charges for single use if I get a double room, but too often the singles are poky little rooms next to the lift shaft or above the kitchen.


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