Z is open-mouthed and chortling, which is not an attractive sight

Did you see this on Channel Four news?

You only need to watch the start to see what I mean – whoever authorised that music? Was that Jaqui Smith, the Home Secretary, looking so totally po-faced and ‘what the hell?’

Will there be hell to pay, or will it be brushed under the carpet? I watched both the 10 o’clock news on the BBC and the 10.30 news on ITV, but neither of them showed it. A bit of censorship, maybe.

12 comments on “Z is open-mouthed and chortling, which is not an attractive sight

  1. martina

    Oh dear! I thought only us Americans were gifted at musical choice faux pas like that. Remember when Captain and Tenille sang Muskrat Love at the Queen’s visit to the White House years ago?

  2. martin

    A would have thought that it was an unfortunate choice rather than a wise one.
    No one in our goverment has the guts to do it on purpose. Why we are glad handing that lump of scum beats me…..o yes oil.
    That will be it.

  3. Z

    Not a government choice and not the Queen’s. It would be stupid, rude and unwise to invite him over and then poke fun at him. He would have been oblivious to the significance of the music – it was far more subtle than an overt insult.

    Indeed, the King might be flattered to be compared to Darth Vader.

    Oil, yes, but we can’t do without it. I’m all for diplomacy and I’m essentially pragmatic. We’re more likely to have an influence on our friends than on those whom we cold-shoulder. But I’ve often seen the Queen having to shake hands with people I would not care to speak to and I suspect it needs self-control for her not to wipe her hands clean afterwards.

  4. The Boy

    Hilarious! I watched the BBC news and the music wasn’t played.

    Nope, definately delibrate by some minor functionary tho I’m hugely supprised the protocal droids didn’t catch up. They must not be Star Wars fans…

  5. Z

    More tactful not to make a diplomatic incident of it, but the point was made, and enjoyed by those lucky enough to watch Channel 4 news.

  6. Dave

    Today’s Times says the Star Wars music (and also music from Indianna Jones – perhaps the king is a fan of Harrison Ford) was played before he arrived, and as he got out of the car they struck up with the Saudi anthem.

    One hesitates to suggest that TV companies could be involved in deceiving us, but it may be that Channel 4 have manipulated the soundtrack.

  7. Z

    I did consider that, Dave, and of course it could be so, but the expression on Smith’s face does seem stunned and displeased. Or does she always look like that?

    The Times said ‘the themes from IJ and Star Wars’, so they were not being quite accurate in any case. If they had said ‘themes’, it would have been.


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