Z is one under the eight

When you go to give blood, they check your haemoglobin level.  i’m a bit simple and terribly ignorant, but I think it’s meths that they use – one of you will know and correct me – anyway, the nurse pricks your finger, draws off a drop of blood and lets it fall into a vial of liquid.  If it drops to the bottom, you’re fine.  Today, mine plummeted.  So I’m very fine, it seems, though the 16 week minimum between donations is cut to the bone now – it used to be 6 months, then 5.  Last time was my birthday, 10th September.

When I left, a couple were wandering around outside looking anxious.  I looked quizzically helpful and they asked if I worked here? – no, but could I help?  It turned out they were looking for the hospital, this is the convent and conference centre.  I pondered for a couple of seconds and said I’d lead them there, it was a couple of miles and simpler to take them.  In fact, it only was a few hundred yards out of my way, no problem at all and easier than explaining.

Verbal instructions, hey.  Oh, I find them so hard to follow.  If I listen throughout, I forget the start by the time it’s finished.  So I try to concentrate on the first three or four instructions at least, relying on native wit or someone else to ask further on.


8 comments on “Z is one under the eight

  1. sablonneuse

    I find itI much easier to take someone than explain too. As for giving blood, I tried to be a donor when we first came to France but they didn’t want mine because i’d lived in England in the 80’s – mad cow disease!

  2. debum

    It is a wonderful feeling isn’t it, to donate blood? Heartening to hear you began the new year so.

    Incidentally, here in India, when one asks for directions, people almost never say they don’t know. I mean, they would point to a general direction, even if they weren’t sure.

    Happy new Year, Z.

  3. Z Post author

    British blood is looked on warily in some countries, I know – though I suppose by that reckoning, anyone who ate any beef in Britain in the 80s should be barred.

    The post ended rather abruptly, Mike, because I went into a long waffle about satnavs and getting lost, before their day, and then realised it was too long and unfocussed, so I deleted it. Yes, I agree, they’re marvellous.

    Debum! How lovely to hear from you. You blog rarely but it’s always so worth reading. And yes, I know just what you mean, I’ve been sent in the wrong direction in India by people wanting to help but not having any idea where I should be going. Happy new year. I’ll put a link to your blog on my sidebar, whether you’re blogging again or not.

  4. Mike Horner

    They’re brilliant things, Satnavs. Ours has taken us to places in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, that we wouldn’t have had a hope in Hanover of finding without one. In the last few years, it’s saved us hours of worrying and wandering. Which reminds me of what I meant to deal with :- the Annual Blogmeet. I’ve made a tentative arrangement to deliver a grandfather clock to Nea (in Sweden) probably sometime in early May, but otherwise, yes please, any time.
    Actually, I’ve just checked that with Ann, and she thinks there’s some doubt about when we’ve got to deliver. Ann says she’ll give you a ring tomorrow morning. Sorry to be vague.

  5. Z Post author

    No problem Mike, this is the reason I’m mentioning it in good time. I’m going out at 9.30 tomorrow morning, to a funeral – or rather, a memorial service, at the Cathedral. If there’s doubt, we can simply eliminate May if that helps.


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