Blog party 2014

Well, how lovely – two resting bloggers have picked up their blogs again and have kindly dropped in to leave comments.  Sablonneuse and Debum are old blog friends of mine, one in France and one in India, so it’s a pleasure to hear from them again.  I’ve linked to their blogs on my sidebar.

Now, the other subject of this post – I hardly need to say, but I will – you’re all invited, of course (I realise that I won’t be fortunate enough to have trans-continental visitors every year, but there’s no reason not to hope).  That I’d like to know if you’re coming is mainly so that I can put out enough chairs, but there’s no limit.  As before, we are very happy to welcome overnight guests too, we have plenty of room although, if all beds are in use, someone may end up on a mattress.  Possibly even me.

Last year, we went for the last Saturday in June, but I can’t see any commitments here at present in early summer, so any time in May, June or July would suit.  Would you let me know any preferences – or maybe, definite dates to avoid? I mention it so early because I know many of you are vastly busy.  Of course, mentioning a date puts you under no obligation.

I haven’t consulted the family yet, I’ll try to rope them in too.

It was a lovely sunny morning, so I spent an hour tidying up in the garden.  A torrential downpour right now, so I’m feeling pretty smug that I got on and did it.  I know some of you will have had dreadful weather all day, hope you’re all warm and dry.

And now, I’m going to write a garden to-do list, to take us through the next three months.  This is not going to involve gardening as such, but ‘take up stone slabs and re-lay path,’ construct new chicken run,’ ‘dismantle old shed’ – that sort of thing.  I can, at least, tick off something already.  I don’t think that’s cheating in the least…

8 comments on “Blog party 2014

  1. Blue Witch

    For us, not Saturday July 12th (friends getting married) and not either the weekend of June 21st/22nd or 28th/29th (another event not yet tied down, will confirm asaik). Sorry to be awkward – but why change the habit of a lifetime? 😉

  2. Z Post author

    Well, come then! 🙂

    Not awkward at all, BW, I did ask and am trying to suit everyone. It’s helpful to cut a few dates out. I think the weekend of the 189th/20th July would be the latest as then we’re in school holidays and some people prefer to avoid them.

    1. Liz

      At the moment, the dates that we definitely cannot do are w/ends of 23/24 May and 30/31 May. There are also dates at the end of July that we cannot make but they fall beyond your latest suggested date anyway.

      There may be others but we don’t have confirmation yet. If only everyone was as organised as Z.

  3. Sir Bruin

    It would appear that the Smaller Bear did not have the family brain cell when she gave you those dates – they are from 2015. I guess you’ll get the rough idea from them.

  4. Z Post author

    John, one day we could all turn up at the Hollybush for lunch instead!

    Thanks Liz and Sir B. I took it as a typo, of course.

  5. debum

    I don’t know if I have indeed picked up the blog. I write very rarely, as you seem to have observed. Thank you for the link 🙂


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