Z is not tweeting – but is alarmingly close to it

The Sage is completely happy. He’s sitting in an armchair, laptop in front of him, watching today’s auction at Acle online, live.

I’m going to go and make him a cup of tea and make his day complete by adding to the tray a chocolate biscuit.

7 comments on “Z is not tweeting – but is alarmingly close to it

  1. Z

    The Sage has gone out to do some shopping – the china he wants to watch being sold isn’t coming up for over an hour.

    I’ve got the auction on as I type. I like the auctioneer – he’s very good. Excellent banter, no annoying verbal habits and he gets on with it briskly. Full marks.

  2. mago

    I have no idea what twitter would be, or better: is, good for. This facebook is like an octopus, becomes a giant data assembly … googel’s “social community” will be even more data-intense with the geographical positioning of people … it goes too far for my taste.
    Chokolate is a great idea now.

  3. Z

    And for mine, Mago.

    Funnily enough, the Sage and I are passing a box of chocolates between us now. That is, I took a chocolate and gave him the box. He has only eaten two so far, though.


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