Leglog – 3 weeks

As an aside from the story of my three-month wedding celebration (honeymoon coming along tomorrow – the actual honeymoon, that is, not the undirty weekend), a quick update on how things are going.

Put simply, fine. It’s been steadily improving all week and, last night, I walked across the room without a stick and, the Sage confirmed, I didn’t limp at all. My right leg still is a shade longer than my left, but either that is lessening or I’m getting used to it, because I hardly notice it. When doing exercises, which I do standing at the bar of the Aga, I can’t freely move my right leg as my foot catches on the ground, so I stand on tiptoe on the left foot, which is fine.

I’ve not been getting out much and walking as far as I should, because the weather has been iffy and I don’t want to slip on frosty ground, and when the weather has been fine, I’ve been busy. However, today I walked to see Kenny and Muriel – I suppose that’s about 350 yards each way and it was quite all right. Further, next week. I’m supposed to walk quite a lot. I’ve got completely out of the way of it, the last few years, because then I wasn’t supposed to have too much weight-bearing exercise.

Talking about weight, I’m still eating enough chocolate.

21 comments on “Leglog – 3 weeks

  1. Z

    A normal portion for me is two squares of dark chocolate from a 100g bar, with 24 squares to a bar. That is, a shade over 8g. However, the mini bars I’ve been eating recently are bigger and weigh 15g each.

    How does one eat more than one allows oneself? If you eat more, is it against your own free will?

    Worse things than being force-fed chocolate, mind you.

  2. Dave

    I could always eat more, in the sense that I’d like to, and my body craves it, but I don’t allow it.

    Unless I’m feeling v. tired, in which case sometimes I don’t have the will-power.

  3. Z

    Hey, young Mago, Dave and I are wallowing in our pit of gloom.

    Still, off on honeymoon tomorrow, aren’t we, Dave? Not together, of course.

  4. luckyzmom

    Happy to hear all is going well with your hip. Before my surgery I was told that getting the length just right is the most difficult part.

    “Chocolate is a lover who never refuses to give you pleasure.”(unknown auther)

  5. Four Dinners

    I happened to mention your plight to The Dragon (me mother) when I phoned her tonight. Only problem with her is she’s still breathing…

    “Well I have one leg shorter than the other!” she said indignantly

    “What about the other one?” I asked mischievously

    “All my legs are different” she said.


    My mother is, apparently, an arachnid.

    Not really a surprise…;-)

  6. Z

    You phoned to tell her your good news, 4D – trust she’s proud of you.

    Excuse me harping on, folks – it’s just because I know I’ll forget details if I don’t write them down.

  7. Marion

    Your recovery does seem to be going well. Did you keep a journal regarding your wedding? I don’t see how you can remember it in such detail. Or maybe I have an unusually blurry memory. I think chocolate is now a new health food.

  8. Z

    There aren’t as many specific memories as you might think, Marion- look at the last post, for instance, and the only things described in detail from memory of the time were the school visit and my sis-in-law’s nightie. The presents are still in use so I will hardly forget them, nor will I forget the photographer friend – we’re still friends of the family.

    I’ve never kept a journal in my life before starting a blogger. I’ve never recorded anything and I bought my first ever camera three years ago.

    LOM, bad girl, trying to lead me astray.

    Everything, Simon? Even — well, all right, I’ll take your word for it.

    Mind you, having seen the x-ray of my pelvis and finding that my hips being different sizes caused the problem, nothing would surprise me. Well, not a lot.

  9. Christopher

    Videos, please, of your exercises at the Aga bar. With music. (Please edit out any stray shots of chocolate. Don’t want Dave having an apoplexy just before his honeymoon. He does have appetites, doesn’t he?)

  10. Roses

    Good to hear your recovery is going well.

    Enjoy the chocolate!

    A woman needs a vice.

    And wine doesn’t count. It’s medicinal. The things one has to do to keep one’s heart healthy. And of course as it’s fermented grapes it counts as one of your 5 a day.

  11. Z

    What a splendid idea, Christopher. Not that Dave should suffer from apoplexy, of course.

    I count chocolate as one of the 5 a day, as well as wine, Roses.

  12. Blue Witch

    Pleased to hear recovery proceeding unexceptionally.

    Just heard the husband of a Nice Lady Friend is due to have a hip replacement next week. Having read your detailed account of the op was very useful as I was able to reassure NLF that it wasn’t at all like those dreadful American health websites he’s been reading…

  13. Z

    Nearly everyone I know has had a very positive result from their hip ops. I think one has to have realistic expectations, based on the health and mobility one had before the operation – and I spent two years getting slimmer and fitter and I’m relatively young. But, although I was disappointed to have to have it done as early as it has been (because of later revisions), I’d give all the reassurance I could. It’s made a huge difference to me already – I can make plans again instead of putting things on hold. The operation itself is nothing to fear, and one needs to take early stages of recovery (eg needing help to take socks off, dropping a stick and not being allowed to bend over to pick it up) with a sense of humour. Best of luck to Mr NLF.


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