Z is mercurial

I missed dearest Ann and Mike this afternoon and arrived home to find flowers and a note.  I had a meeting – I’d far rather have seen them.  I have duly stood down from one post and been elected to another, and also have taken on Safeguarding for the time being – this is quite a lot of responsibility and I and the school have to be absolutely up to the mark; for the safety of children of course, but also because it’s something that Ofsted are really hot on, so I’ll have to know my stuff.

I cooked a trout for supper, very simply en papilotte with wine, butter and dill.  I picked some runner beans, but the fish cooked quicker than I thought, so I skinned and boned the trout while the beans cooked.  I’d already given the head to Cat, to Eloise’s annoyance.  Cat didn’t join her children for tea because she’d caught a mouse, which she ate outside my door.  I’m almost out of chicken food, just enough for the chicks in the morning (I’ll give the adults some soaked bread and let them into the garden to eat greens, bugs and worms) because I’d relied on buying more after my meeting, but it overran.  I’ll get some more in the morning.  I’d like to buy it at the store just down the road, but it’s nearly £2 more for a 20k bag – £7.95 against £6.00 three miles down the road – so I’m afraid they’ve lost my custom.

Yesterday, I had an email from the Rector, who had been contacted by that same store.  A tree was dead and leaning on their fence and they wondered who owned it?  Possibly the church?  Good that he asked me if I knew, because it is either the landlord of the store or me.  I’m not sure.  There’s the churchyard wall, then a path which is mine, then a dyke and the tree is on the other side.  I trotted straight down to have a look – they’re going to try to find out, but so am I.  Either we have equal riparian ownership, or the whole thing is mine, I don’t know.  I had a letter from the solicitor today, regarding transfer of land to me, as it happens (it isn’t simple because nothing involving Russell ever was, bless and damn him – oh, how mixed up I am – but at least our wills are and it is indeed mine) so I can ask if the deeds make it clear.

I feel a bit drained tonight.  I feel as if I am coping on the surface, but am floundering underneath.  I’m not worried about this, as such, I think it’s unsurprising and normal, but I’m working to deadlines at present and only just meeting them – not for lack of time but because I stop and do nothing if I can.  I’m sailing close to the wind at present, I just need to make that effort and take command of things.

Anyway, tomorrow will start with a really tricky meeting (and I’m going to have to chair it, I’ve realised, buggerit) but improve vastly after that, because lovely Ro and Dora are going to come over and take me out to lunch.  So overall, that beats any ‘down’ feeling – in fact, it’s completely cheered me.

6 comments on “Z is mercurial

  1. Mike and Ann Horner.

    Sorry to have missed you, but I know it’s a bit of a cheek to call on the off chance, knowing how busy you are. Anyway, as an elderly relation of mine would have said- “The loss is entirely ours.”

  2. Bue Witch

    I’m trying to decide if you secretly enjoy all this school etc meeting stuff (hence the reluctance to give it up as you said you were) or whether you are really bad at saying no?

    “Wisdom begins with questioning, sanity begns with “No.” as it says in my sidebar.

    I leant the hard way about taking on more and more because I believed that I was the only one who could/would do it. I’d hate you to go the same way.

    Unless you do enjoy it of course.

    I’ve observed so many times that what frequently stops people stepping forward to take on roles is that they don’t want to work with those currently filling them…

  3. 63mago

    Hope all these meetings went well.
    I think doing nothing in between bursts of activity is a necessary antidote. You will find all the energy necessary when you need it.

    I wonder about that tree. Wall, path, dyke (as in “ditch” I guess, not “Damm / Deich”, you mention riparian ownership), tree. Isn’t there a kind of “Kataster” one could consult ?

  4. Z Post author

    It’s not a matter of secretly enjoying it – not the meetings, but the involvement that being a governor brings is very interesting and I’ve been pretty good at it for all these years. I’ve had to respond to events – first the incoming chairman having a major operation has meant that I can’t step back as far as I intended yet, then a governor with some major responsibilities has been obliged to prepare to be the main breadwinner of the family and has resigned, and there was a position that couldn’t have a vacancy. I do intend to stand down altogether at the end of the school year, as long as there isn’t a pressing reason that I shouldn’t. I don’t know how much I’ll miss it, but I am ready to go. Then, apart from the village fete one, I’ll be off all committees and, though I’ve been asked to go on others, I keep saying no.

    Some years ago, someone who was the mainstay of most of the village organisations died very suddenly – it was very hard to fill his boots, but there was no choice but for people to pull together and cope. It taught me that no one is ever indispensable, that information and responsibility should be shared and that succession planning is really vital. When I left the governors of the village school, I’d prepared for it for two years, so that I shouldn’t be missed. Things were going really well in the same direction until the incoming chairman was put out of action – but it’ll be okay in a few months.

    After 28 years, it’ll be really interesting to get a life that doesn’t involve school governorship any more. I don’t know what I’ll do with my time, but I’m sure it’ll be good to find out. Your comment was entirely understandable, but I’ve thought things through a lot over the years and I’m fairly sure I’m over any compulsion to take on things any more.


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