Fingers crossed

My lovely friend from Northumberland, David, called this morning with his son, Keith.  They visit the area two or three times a year and always call in.  David asked if other Lowestoft collectors keep in touch – well, apart from the one who’s helping me with the auction, just one. The catalogue is up on the website now, by the way.  If anyone is in L’toft on the day, do call in and say hello.  I’ve no idea how it will go but I’m giving it a try.

I discovered today that Cat isn’t as powerful as she’d like to be – while she was eating, Zain the tabby came up and put his face to the food.  She cuffed him but he took no notice and it was she who retreated.  So maybe that’s part of the reason she’s trying to get in the house.  When I went into the porch to fetch something at about 8 o’clock this evening, she was waiting in the dark outside the door and I felt pretty sorry for her.  i went and fetched her a dish of food.  I can’t have her in the house, it’s no good.  They will have to sort themselves out.

There was an open evening at the school today, so I went along to see and be seen.  Each department puts on various educational entertainments and it all seemed to go down well.  There was also a talk in the hall, with music from students in various styles from classical to rock.

Tomorrow is the first governors’ meeting of the school year and, after the first few minutes, I will not be chairman any longer.  A few minutes later, I’ll be a vice-chairman, though – assuming everyone is elected as planned.  The latter eventuality hadn’t been planned until fairly recently, but the incoming chairman had a major operation today, so will have to deal with things by email for some weeks as he won’t be out and about.  I’m doing all I can to find new governors, good ones so that I can stand down altogether at the end of the school year.  Fingers crossed.

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