Z is lazy, even by her standards, but becomes alert upon the arrival of the postman

I started well this morning, too. I tidied the kitchen and the drawing room by 10 o’clock. Friends called and stayed for an hour. I was, after that, going to take the last few photos, but it had become a bit too windy – I take them outside by natural light. I need to label the photos I have taken, which is a tedious job, so I started by reading the paper and a couple of blogs. I’ve not done a stroke of work since.

The Sage has just brought in today’s post. Two envelopes from the Inland Revenue, to remind me that my tax return is due in by the end of January 2008. Yes, give me six months and I’ll take the info to my accountant. Bit of a uselessly early reminder. A letter to say that Tough Puzzles will no longer be published. This is deeply depressing. It started in September 1983 and I have subscribed ever since. A card from El, with a packet of seeds I’d asked her to buy in Venice – bless her and Phil, they were only there for 3 days last week and she took the time and trouble. A dividend cheque for £87.85. That’s more like it. Our polling cards for the May elections.

Now, this will be fun. It’s the election for the District Council, but what is more interesting is that it’s time for the Parish Council to be re-elected and, this year, there are more candidates than places. Last time, there were too few and so no election was held and someone was co-opted afterwards. Now, I understand, one person is standing down but three more have put their names forward. We have had a Parish Council election only twice in the 21 years I’ve lived here – 20 years ago and 12 years ago (sadly, this is the sort of thing I actually remember, I know I should be ashamed of myself for being quite so specifically brainally retentive) – so I wonder if there will actually be people keen enough to canvass and lobby for my vote. I feel quite democratically powerful. After all, in a little village of 722 eligible voters, many of whom will not bother to turn out, each vote really matters.

I must give the placement of my votes some considerable thought.

11 comments on “Z is lazy, even by her standards, but becomes alert upon the arrival of the postman

  1. Z

    I’m not standing for election, did I imply I was? I’m not, remarkably enough, that stupid. I’m daft enough for most things, but not the Parish Council.

    But thanks for the wishes.

  2. Z

    What? I thought the bonnest mot in that whole post was ‘brainally retentive’, and all anyone noticed was that I was standing for election to the Parish Council. Which I’m not.

    Pshaw. Pfft. Huh.

  3. PI

    I noticed and wondered if I could improve on it but couldn’t.
    I did wonder also if you would be standing but did think you had more sense – that way madness lies and it would play hell with your blogging time- which would be a loss. To us.

  4. Four Dinners

    About 47% of the voting population bothered at the last general election. (The rest of us are disenfranchised) About 25% of those voted Labour. Labour does whatever it likes on a mandate of a quarter of a half of the electorate.


  5. Z

    And that’s a general election, hardly anyone votes at local elections.

    Well, I didn’t vote for this government. I’d vote for anyone else rather. Mind you, it’s Lib Dem and Conservative territory around here anyway.


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