What do you do when the computer takes ages? Blog, of course

I’m sending photos to Sally, of her and Helen giving the Special Plaque to the Princess Royal. Since Hotmail doesn’t really want to work with Safari any more (yes indeed, I may yet abandon Hotmail, but in my experience, when you tell someone you use a different email address they are still sometimes using the old one two years later), I’m using Firefox at present, but blimey, it’s slow. You attach a picture and, like a child with a new coloured pencil and its tongue sticking out, it continues to say, earnestly “scanning and uploading” for several minutes. And you can’t have several pictures in a queue of course. One at a time, or it cries for its mummy. And it only seems to take two pictures before it is full up and belches quietly and you have to send them before loading in another. I am almost catatonic with boredom. I just had to check the ‘sent messages’ box to see where I’m up to. Thank goodness I only took eight photos, or this would take all night.

Maybe it’s time to revert to the simplest, non-upgraded (upgraded, my arse) version. I mean, if I, the sweetest natured person since the dinosaurs stalked the earth, am a little irritated, how bad must it be?

6 comments on “What do you do when the computer takes ages? Blog, of course

  1. PI

    One thing I was taught to do by weary sons was to make them small before sending. You probably do this anyway. I’m convinced I’m the dumbest broad in blogging!

  2. Z

    Pat, you dumb? Never.

    I’m going to have to sort some cumputer-type things out at some time, but it’ll take time and I’m a bit busy at present. Easier to take a little longer each day than spend time and trouble putting it right properly. But I am very fed-up with Hotmail who will keep ‘upgrading’. I’ve still got some reservations about gmail, however.

  3. Four Dinners

    I know everyone slags off AOHell – and rightly so in many cases – but I admit the damn thing does work well when it works. I can send any size and quantity of pics via it.

  4. Z

    I used to use AOL myself and it was fine except that I got a lot of spam, but they don’t (or didn’t a couple of years ago) do broadband for Macs.


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