Z is home again

It was all lovely and I relaxed and laughed a whole lot. I’ve also seen a whole lot of culchure. I don’t know what you mean about lovely weather here, it’s a whole lot colder than Italy.

I’ve a load of photos, and I may put a few here, but what I thought would be good would be to put them on a website for other people in our party to see, and add their own if they’ve taken any. Any suggestions on whether Photobucket, Picasa or Flickr are best? I’ve got accounts with two of them, Weeza uses the other and it may be that all are fine. What I want is to have a username so that anyone entrusted with it can add photos, and a password so that anyone given that can see the pictures. All the potential users are older than I and ability on the computer varies, so straightforwardness and simplicity are best.

The jacuzzi in the roof garden was rather a highlight. Pity it hadn’t occurred to me to take my swimsuit. The first day, I rolled up my trousers and sat on the edge. Invited to remove them, I had to confess that I was wearing too revealing underwear. Next time I was better prepared – pretty and decent – and kept my teeshirt on. Sadly, the bubbles made it ride up and complications ensued. It was better removed, until Victor appeared with his camera. I cowered under the bubbles.

My walking boots and pole are fabulous. Thank you again, Badgerdaddy, and I’ll write another thank-you to the chap who sent me the poles.

11 comments on “Z is home again

  1. Z

    No need, dear Badge, but I wanted to.

    Whole lots of phone calls this morning and I’ve hardly got anything done yet. I must spend a few hours in the greenhouse and I must go to the supermarket – it hadn’t occurred to the Sage to buy any food for the bank holiday. I’ll be back later, however.

  2. herschelian

    I use Picasa because it is absolutely brilliant for editing photos, and so easy to use. Even quite duff pix (which some of mine are!) can be made presentable. Thereafter you can put them on Flickr or whatever, but I havn’t bothered. Ideal for bloggers who have busy lives and are not David Bailey – though having said that, you are probably a terrific photographer.

  3. Z

    Mine are snapshots, some of them taken while I was walking along! I know that a couple of our party are very good photographers but I expect a few are at my level.

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll get on with it. I suppose putting the photos on to the computer would be a good start…

  4. Anonymous

    Am glad you are back. Missed your posts. Wondered how Italy was treating you and happy it did you well.



  5. Z

    Wendy, darling, I miss your blog, and you. I hope all’s well. I suppose you Twitter or Facebook. If I did, I’d keep up with people better, but then there would be no time to blog.


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