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  1. weeza

    My word verification last comment was ‘sumptier’- how lovely! This time it’s ‘colec’, which is not so nice. Anyone else?

  2. Dave

    Ah no, you misunderstand me. Z has made some imaginary pork pies for the cricket match on Saturday (she’s taken on the task of tea-lady, although I’ve given her the title of catering manager). They should be in the frezer.

  3. weeza

    Getting warm in the porch! it was nice to stick my head in the freezer but all there was was soleros and aunt bessie’s yorkshire puddings. shocker! ate a solero… ham-tastic!

  4. Dave

    Oh, and the lack of porkpies is a bit of a worry. I’m sure the team will be disappointed.

    Oh well, perhaps you’ll warm up the aunt bessie’s yorkshire puddings for us.

  5. Z

    What on earth is going on around here? I go away for a few days and I find you’re all making friends with each other without me. Weeza, the pork pies are in the freezer in the box marked offal, to put Ro and the Sage off the scent, because if they knew they were there, they would eat them. There are also Stilton and cheddar sandwiches. I left the crusts on because that’s the nicest part of the bread.

    I trust everything is going well with you all and that the internets are not falling apart without me to take care of you all.

    Oh, and who is Aunt Bessie?

    The weather has its ups and downs, but sunshine has been seen and I have indulged in an open-air jacuzzi. Pity I didn’t think to bring a cozzie. Oh knickers, as I said at the time.

    See you soon, darlings.


  6. Z

    Oh, and Dave rather optimistically tells me he doesn’t want me to feel I have to prepare anything elaborate for lunch. I am strangely more unnerved by this than anything else.

    Bologna has a thunderstorm right now. °sigh°

  7. weeza

    mother, you’re never open-air jacuzziing in italy sans apparel? i believe the phrase in italian is “nudo come un verme”… try it out on a native

    oh good grief, there’s not going to be a calendar is there?!

    glad you’re having a lovely time! saves me texting you 😉 xx

  8. Ad

    I see, Dave, you are not abiding by the ‘every team has photo!’ rule, praps wait until something is won… With prizes awarded for the quality of teas, will Z beat the team to the honours?

  9. Z

    Gorgeous sunshine here today – it seems the Italians know how to get decent weather on a Bank Holiday. I’ve been in the jacuzzi again. Don’t be absurd, Weeza, I was not overlooked, it was on the roof and the men were not allowed to join us. One of them took a photo, however.

  10. Z

    It takes a while for zsickness to kick in, but once it has, it’s a most debilitating ailment. Seems I’ve come home just in time.

    I’m building up anticipation, Dave. Most sadly, the photo of me in the jacuzzi was not taken on a digital camera, so I won’t be able to post it here.


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