Z is here

“Hi hoh ngy heef” said Percy. It took Wink a moment to translate, than she promised to drop in on her way home from work.

Later,the phone rang again. “It’s all right, we’ve found them. They were in the pocket of my pyjamas.” Percy is a dear old friend to Wink, but he’s a bit vague.

We’ve arrived safely and I’m feeling really stupid that I didn’t note Zig’s email to see if she has time to meet up. It’s too awkward toxtrawl through for on the phone so I’ll look at the library tomorrow. Don’t suppose anyone else is in the Wiltshire/Somerset/Dorset border area? Because I am for the next few days, though engaged this weekend.

Horrible journey, which took 6 hours instead of 4 1/2 because of hold-ups on the M25 and the A303. Wretched roads. Down to me we were late leaving because my meeting overran, but beastly useless roads anyway.

Still, we’re here. Woo-hoo, darlings. I never thought I’d get the Sage to go away with me. So it’s all good. Dawgs. As the Badgerdaddy would say.

11 comments on “Z is here

  1. Z

    Well, I gather that Ziggi’s daughter may be there but Zerlina is still in Norfolk. So it’ll probably be ZZz, strictly speaking.

  2. Rog

    Don’t forget to ask Ziggi why she burnt and destroyed her blog which was a National Treasure. And what’s the Dave Stable story?

  3. Z

    I should tot it up, Marion. I don’t feel that I’ve met many, but thinking about it surprised me.

    The Unstable Dave Story, don’t you mean, Rog?

  4. Z

    Well, I’m devoting myself entirely to his every want and whim over the weekend. But the call of Norfolk is too strong and he’s driving home today and leaving me behind.


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