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I was thinking whom I’ve met amongst you bloggers and blog-readers. First was Blue Witch (and Mr BW, who isn’t a blogger, as far as I know) – well that was the first arranged blogmeet. I already had met Badgerdaddy, who read this blog and left a comment, then I read his and realised I’d met him. Since, I’ve met Boy On Top, whose blog is still there but not updated, Dandelion, Martin and Wendy, Dave – of course, since he now is a fellow wall-builder, Rog and Roses. Al has his bee blog of course, but I don’t really think knowing your own son counts as a blog-meet. I’ve nearly got as far as meeting a few others, but it hasn’t happened yet. And I’m meeting Ziggi on Tuesday.

I’ve missed someone out, haven’t I?

9 comments on “Z counts

  1. Roses

    You remembered me, all that matters. And I owe you lunch, don’t think I’ve forgotten…though it may be awhile before I can reciprocate. Unless you’d like to have lunch in the tropics?

  2. Mike and Ann

    I’ve only met one fellow blogger, 4Ds, and that was slightly disconcerting, although very enjoyable. It was like meeting Long John Silver, or Squire Weston, or Mr. Pickwick. Felt I knew him well (from his blog)but only now believed in him as a real person. Still feel I would like to repeat the experiment at some stage.
    Regards, Mike.
    Cheers, Mike.

  3. Z

    I’ve tried to meet 4D – got as far as him giving me his mobile number! He couldn’t make it the day I was available and now he’s pretty busy. Still, we will meet up one day.

    JonnyB and I live at the furthest ends of Norfolk. I couldn’t even make it to his book-signing, not that it would count as a blogmeet.

  4. heybartender

    I envy you the proximity to meet your blog friends, Z, and hope that one day we will actually meet in person.
    I often wonder how much we actually know about each other and how much we (by “we” I mean “I”) are just constructing certain personalities, how much we’re leaving out. I guess to some degree we read between the lines to find the real people.

    I can’t believe I am only catching up with you now. A week behind! Ridiculous.

  5. Z

    Dave’s the one who travels all over the country for a blogmeet, Julie. I hope I’ll meet you too – though in fact, as we have friends in Atlanta, it would be easier to persuade the Sage over to Georgia so I rather wish you were still there. It’s not on the cards at present, at any rate, unfortunately.

    Sadly, over the years I’ve become more like my blog persona. I even talk like Z now.


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