Z is grateful

I’m considerably luckier than I ever deserve to be.

I had a phone call this evening from someone who’s been given a huge flower arrangement, won in a raffle, which is too big for her house so she has given it to her village church. But there’s no service in that church this Sunday, so she asked if we’d like it in ours. Oh, yes please. I haven’t got anyone to do flowers this week and it’s a special service this week as the Fellow and his wife are leaving and we love them and are saying goodbye (they’re only moving to Norwich, but that’s another world to the countryfolk in the villages). Yet again, I’m saved from last-minute panic.

I nearly flew into a strop with the Sage this morning as I assumed that he was going to let someone down, but I enquired gently and politely instead, and he’s got it sorted after all. So all is love and tranquillity and I didn’t put myself in the sour-faced wrong.

I’ve re-remembered in time that I need to buy a present for the person leaving the committee (as well as me. It’s just occurred to me that they’ll give me a card and flowers and stuff. I don’t think they should. It’s been a pleasure. I know they will, so I’ll just be pleased) and I’ve remembered in time to do it without last-minute panic (see above).

Hayfever has gone. I sleep soundly.

My new lawnmower has arrived. I never need nag the Sage to cut the lawn again, I’ll just do it myself. And I daresay that sometimes he will. Either way, no irritation for anyone.

I wrote a letter to someone and he came to visit me this afternoon, straight away upon receiving it. Can’t explain more, but I did the right thing by writing, because he wanted to talk to someone and it made him feel able to do so.

We’ve got more than half the photos done for the catalogue and are double-checking the text and condition report. Several alterations made, so it’s worth the extra time which will be repaid in total tranquillity on sale day.

The Sage bought a piece of china for our mutual anniversary present last week that both of us have coveted for a couple of decades.

Tilly had a flea yesterday, but I turned the search for more (none found) into a cuddle and a back-scratch, so she was happy and felt loved instead of accused. Dear little dog. She let Zerlina crawl all over her today and pull her tail and poke her face, and she wagged her tail throughout.

The Sage just brought me a cup of delicious coffee. I feel so cheerful that I might just have a small glass of limoncello, a bottle of which just happens to be sitting in the fridge.

7 comments on “Z is grateful

  1. Sarah

    Limoncello….yuuuumy! I’ve got a great recipe to use it in a very easy but outstanding pud! trouble is i drink quite alot while i am making the pud!

  2. Z

    You’d think I’d know better than to post a comment twice, but the internet connection had gone down for a minute.

  3. Z

    Not exactly. I started to get it when we’d lived here some years – I’d always lived near the coast before and in a town – and it built up over a few years. I seemed to get wheezy around rye grass in particular. But in the last few years we’ve had wet weather in mid or late May when that was in flower and I haven’t had a problem. This year is different as it’s happened earlier and therefore with different pollen, and also it’s made me cough rather than feel blocked up and unwell. But I did have a chest infection a month earlier, so I’m assuming that’s part of it. Anti-histamines helped, which is why I think it was hay fever.


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