Z is frustrated

I’ve spent a rather frustrating half hour editing the video of Eloise cat and her ball – frustrating because iVideo is a really annoying programme and it took me ages to get anywhere, and then it was still too big a clip.  Pity, it was an amusing little piece.

Anyway.  back to today…

It was warm and sunny yesterday, so I put the tortoises in their run.  One of the Tots was nowhere to be found when I went to fetch them back.  Natasha had a chilly night out, but I unearthed her this morning.  I’m patient with most things unless they are computer-related, but she tested me.  It wasn’t warm enough for them today so I kept them in.  They’ll go out on nice days and full time from May.

I was tested again, rather more, this afternoon.  I’ve been getting a lot of cold calls on my phone, to my fury.  Yet, I have been pretty polite, but I get rid of the caller and block the number.  I’ve been increasingly assertive however – but this afternoon’s call, to try to get me ‘compensation’ for having been mis-sold a fee-paying bank account, was the worst yet.  Now actually, I’ve never had a fee-paying bank account (nor have I ever been sold payment protection, come to that) but I didn’t say that.  I asked bluntly why I was being cold-called, said that the call was unwelcome and requested to be removed from their list.  The man kept telling me about the *problem.*  I told him again, explaining that it wasn’t his business whether or not I’d been sold this product, I was not interested in his service.  He started his spiel again.  This went on for two full minutes, with him not replying when I told him I wanted to be removed, but rather telling me about the ruddy *service* he was offering.  I asked if the call was being recorded and he said it was – I repeated that I did not intend to talk to him and I trusted that my complaint would be logged.  In the end, I had no option but to interrupt, saying I’d cancel the call and block the number, and so I have.  It was from Manchester, 0161 741 4000.  An hour and a half earlier, I’d had a cold call from London, 020 3137 6110.  I’ve had several others this week, both on land line and mobile – the telephone preference service is useless and I hope that the government just bans the bastards, I’m more than fed up.

In every other way, things are lovely, of course.  LT and I are scheming a way to give the bantams more space without letting them out.  We’re ventilating the big greenhouse by either removing panes of glass or not replacing broken ones, and netting the gaps (using a staple gun and … um … netting) but we’re still scheming the tunnel between the chicken house and the greenhouse.  We need help with a heavy mallet and I’ll have to phone a friend.

LT is adorable.  I can’t think why he puts up with me, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

8 comments on “Z is frustrated

  1. Kipper

    Lots of junk calls in the U.S.;surveys, sales calls, scams. Now we will start getting those recorded political calls..ugh! Thank goodness for caller I.d.

  2. Z Post author

    I have but I can’t be bothered to put in numbers I know and I never recognise anyone’s phone number. I also do get business calls, so I have to answer the phone, really. We don’t get political calls here though, thank goodness – that’d certainly be a vote loser.

    1. Z Post author

      Thank you Matt, that’s brilliant. I had another call this afternoon that rang off before I could answer it and I’ll check that out. I see that legislation is imminent that forbids companies withholding numbers, which might help somewhat, as at least one can report them.

  3. dinahmow

    A high percentage of such calls here(Australia) originate in Mumbai! I have some handy phrases in various languages;if I don’t get a response in that lingo I hang up.
    I wanted to record “I cannot take your call now, but if you think it’s important, please leave a message.If I think it’s important I’ll call you.” But Mister Man wouldn’t let me.To be fair, he gets JP calls sometimes and I suppose it’s a bit blunt.

    1. Z Post author

      Hello Brian, I had another today, an automated one. I listened to the end so that I could press the number to be ‘taken off their list’ but I forgot to check the phone number afterwards. Such a pain.


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