Z has spent time with Rog, and it shows…

We went to stay with Weeza and the children last night – Phil was away visiting a friend and then his parents.  It was lovely and the children were adorable.  Since Weeza and Phil are still having work done in the house, they’re without a spare bedroom at present so Zerlina shared with her brother and we took her room – they both have beds that can be converted to doubles or twins.

Unrecognised bon mot of the day – we were making a beef casserole and it was to include mushrooms.  We decided not to put them in at the start, but add them an hour or so later.  “We mustn’t forget,” observed LT.  “You mushroomember this,” I warbled in return – and he blanked it entirely, darlings.  He claimed afterwards that he hadn’t heard me.  Hmmm.

6 comments on “Z has spent time with Rog, and it shows…

  1. Tim

    I think it was Sartre who once remarked “There are times when the only meaningful response is an eloquent silence.” Or summat.


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