Z is excited

It’s been a productive morning.  First, I went to the surgery and had a couple of vaccinations.  Apparently, there’s no particular need to take anti-malarial tablets as the area I’m going to is deemed minimal risk.  I’ll check with our friends who live there to see if they agree – I can just buy them from the chemist if they recommend it.

Then on to a meeting at the school.  I’ve mentioned before that we are taking in the Years 7 and 8 pupils when the Middle Schools close permanently at the end of this school year.  Since we haven’t been given any money to enlarge the school, we’re taking over the Yagnub middle school premises and turning it into a Sixth Form Centre, so some alterations have to be done at both schools to make them suitable for different age groups and curriculums.  Although there is a very tight budget and every penny has been gained after much argument with an obdurate local authority, it’s all going well and we’re really quite excited about it.

I had 40 minutes in hand so went along to the café at the garden centre down the road.  A friend happened to be there, our Rector’s husband – he said there was a meeting at home so he’d sloped off out to read the paper, eat cake and drink coffee in peace.  Encouraged by the sight of cake crumbs, I allowed myself to succumb to the temptation of a scone (I’m so dull and good, darlings, I rarely eat so much as a biscuit) and scoffed the lot, with the result that I’m still rather full and probably won’t want lunch until well into the afternoon.  I shall have lunch sooner or later mind you, the notion of missing a whole meal is too dismaying for words.

And then back to the opticians.  £300 the poorer, but two pairs of glasses better off and pleased that my contact lens prescription hasn’t changed, so I’ve got them on order too.  I’ve also ordered a pack of daily lenses so that, when I’m in India, I don’t have to bother with overnight soaking.  I’m wearing the middle-distance pair of glasses now, though have had to move the computer a bit further away.  I normally keep it at just-within-arm’s-length which is okay with a lens in or not, but I’ve been noticing an occasional tendency to screw my eyes up, so I’ll try to get used to it.  The main reason for these glasses is to read music easily.

This afternoon, we shall take the photos for the catalogue.  And I shall sort out holiday insurance – I will have to phone for a quote as, with my hip, I can’t tick the no medical issues box for online buying.

It hasn’t been the easiest week, various things have been quite frustrating and the strain of visiting Kenny had to be come down from.  But I’m feeling myself again, much happier and the anticipation of the Indian holiday is certainly helping there too.

16 comments on “Z is excited

  1. Z

    Oh darling, you must think I’m such a silly billy. I chose different frames, of course. All I have to do is remember which is which.

  2. Rog

    Indian Summer! Just a thought, though, don’t discount Specsavers next time. £25 for fixed lens glasses can’t be bad!

  3. Z

    £25? Oh Rog, darling, I’m so used to going to local shops and not chains that it never occurred to me to check it out. Still, these will last me forever, pretty well, with any luck.

    The distance ones are just for emergencies, John, in case there’s any reason I haven’t got a contact lens and need to drive. I hope I never wear them!

    I’d have two different frames anyway, LX. Why not? It’d look quite unimaginative to have two pairs the same!

    1. Blue Witch

      Staysure are good for over-50s pre-existing and you can quote online. Otherwise read: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/insurance/cheap-travel-insurance#bestbuys for info.

      Although anyone who can afford a car that costs 23p a mile just for diesel probably doesn’t need to worry about the cost of insurance 😉 😉

      And don’t believe that Specsavers are £25 a pair – while they have a choice of about a dozen really nasty frames for that, once you’ve addded on all the non-glare, scratch-resistant etc they’re quickly above £100. If you need anything complex they can easily come out at £400 a pair – and the lenses are not the best quality. Independnet opticians can work out cheaper, despite what SSs ads would have you believe.

      BTW I still can only comment by hitting ‘reply’ – no standard comment box appears!

    2. Z

      It’s playing up again, BW, so can I this morning but it was fine yesterday. If there’s a long-term problem and Blogger don’t put it right, then I’ll consider leaving, but what to is a question – for instance, I don’t like the WordPress system for comments – click subscribe, then get an email starting “Howdy” (which really irritates me) and have to click through to confirm subscription – if it disinclines me to leave a comment very often, then it will some of you.

      Actually, a basic pair for distance would have done me – I’ll probably never wear them, just keep them in the car for an emergency – I haven’t worn my old glasses for years. However, as you kindly point out, money is no object to me in any case. Thank you for the insurance tips, however. I shall check it out.

  4. lx

    re WordPress:

    One can edit the “Howdy” to something else.

    The main drawback to WordPress, to me, is the lack of formatting controls for the blog itself.

  5. Z

    No one seems to though, Lx – but in any case, I’d only deal with one-click subscribing, three stages is daft. And Blogger has always suited me fine, the thought of finding my way into something new is a bit dispiriting.

  6. mig

    Do you have to do that every time? What a pain! I assumed that once I’d approved comments from a particular blogger they’d be accepted automatically.

  7. luckyzmom

    I’m trying to be better about embracing change!

    It takes several trys to get back to the next blog after I comment. You’re worth the effort.

  8. Z

    I love trying new things, but imposed changes that seem to make seem worse are a nuisance. I hope this goes back to normal soon. Thank you xxx


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