Z is distracted

The main reason for which, I’ll tell you about in due course.  It’s not by any means a secret, but it’s only half a story at present and isn’t my news in any case, so it can wait (I’ve blabbed on Facebook, but that is only read by 11 people, so isn’t so public as here).

What with one thing and another, I didn’t get everything done today that I’d meant to.  Much of that was because of the weather, which was delightful.  Warm and sunny, quite unexpected.  I kept on wandering outside for a while to speak to Dilly, who was doing some clearing in the garden.  I was rather wondering how I’d get everything done, but in the afternoon I discovered that I’ve unexpectedly gained an hour and a half tomorrow morning.  I hadn’t got around to confirming the music lesson I usually go in to on a Friday morning, and when I finally did, was told that there won’t be a Year 9 lesson at that time this year.  So we’ll arrange a different day, assuming the teacher will still find me useful, and I’ll start next week.  It wasn’t really very convenient to go tomorrow, so this is good news.  I’ll even have time to practise the hymns for the funeral I’m playing for tomorrow at 11 o’clock.

After that, Weeza will come and finish the condition report, I’ll type it and label the photos and we’ll choose the ones for the catalogue.  Apart from proof-reading, that’ll be my part in the catalogue finished.  Weeza puts it together.  I have, however, in the next week, got to get to grips with a programme called Nuance, which I’m not looking forward to, largely because it’s on the Sage’s computer.  I can use a pc, but I’m not used to it and nothing is set out as I expect it to be.  I can work things out better than the Sage can, but that’s really not saying a lot.  He wanted to look up a website the other day and was having difficulty.  I looked, and discovered he was typing the name into eBay.  “Um, that’s  a website, not a search engine,” I said and showed him what to do.  Today, he asked my how to answer a phone call on his mobile.  “I thought there was a button to press,” he said.  I phoned him and found that you have to drag the screen down to answer or up to refuse it.  He still seemed to find it difficult, though.  Truth is, I think he rather wants my iPhone.  He’s not having it, though.

11 comments on “Z is distracted

  1. Christopher

    ggGe dear Z

    or maybe you’d like it in French?

    sol sol la sol doh si
    sol sol la sol ré doh
    sol sol SOL mi chère Zed
    fa fa mi doh re doh

    – and I dare you to use this as funeral music!



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