Show Z the way to go home…I’m tired and I want to go to bed…. …

This is from my phone as my home Internet connection is iffy again. So it will be short. Thank you for lovely messages, and now my age is again the product of two prime numbers, something I’m always comfortable with.

Slightly tired and a bit tiddled, you can tell.

Lovely relaxing evening, we’ve all had a difficult week and we all let it go and were cheerful. The three grandbabies are allcuddled in a double bed together.

More coherent tomorrow, possibly. Goodnight, darlings.

BTW, I’m tired more than drunk. Though, admittedly, a bit of both.

11 comments on “Show Z the way to go home…I’m tired and I want to go to bed…. …

  1. Z

    It was one of those occasions when we were all a bit anxious that the whole thing could get really miserable or snappy – but we had a great time instead. The Sage kept filling my glass to the extent that I actually left the last half-glass undrunk. Because I didn’t want to be.


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