Z is cleaner than ever before

Think of me tomorrow, darlings, when I’m taken apart and put together again.  I’ve been reading  my blog posts from the time of my first hip replacement and it really didn’t take long for me to be up and about again.  The work and anxiety is all for lovely Tim, of course.  Roses will look after the chickens and outside cats and he’ll look after me.  And Eloise cat and Natasha tortoise, who I planned to have hibernate in January, but now my operation has been brought forward and I haven’t had a chance to slow her down gradually, I’m not sure if it’ll happen at all this year.

I spent quite some time wrapping presents this evening.  Not all of them, I ran out of enthusiasm after an hour or so.  I can’t remember the last time I was so organised for Christmas.

One good thing is that I don’t have to worry about the chickens, with the advice (requirement for poultry farmers but it’s less strict for people with a few backyard poultry) to keep them indoors and away from wild birds, because of the serious illness of poultry in parts of France.  Since I had that bantam turn up on 1st February with a clutch of 11 chicks. I have kept them all indoors.  But that actually means their good-sized henhouse with a tunnel through to the 40 foot greenhouse, which has a number of missing panes covered with nailed-on netting, so they are under cover but not confined.  They are perfectly happy in there and never try to get out.  Rose is going to put her four in my other greenhouse (three ten foot ones, end to end, though she will probably keep feed in the first one and keep them in the other two).  At this time of year, it will be no hardship for them.  Fingers crossed that the outbreak of bird flu doesn’t spread to this country.

I’m going to have a bath, wash in Hibiscrub and get into bed with its clean sheets.  And tomorrow I’ll get up early, because I’m not allowed to eat after 7.30, and then shower and scrub again.

And soon it’ll all be done and I’ll be back bothering you again.  Toodle-pip!

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