Reassembled Z

It’s all done and was as successful as expected. A few differences from last time, I’ll try to jot them down when I’m not blogging on the phone.

While I was having the operation, I pondered about paralysis. The spinal injection makes you lose all sensation of pain, heat and cold, and you can’t feel someone touching you, but you have an awareness of what is happening and can feel you’re being touched though you can’t feel the touch itself. And, of course, you’re paralysed from the waist down. And for a while, my thoughts were all about those who suffer that permanently. I was aware of my heavy legs but unable to do a thing with them, but it didn’t matter and was temporary. My heart went out to them, I mourned for them, for what that’s worth.

I’ve eaten a sandwich and drunk quite a lot of tea, coffee and water and it’ll be imperative that I use the loo before I go to sleep tonight. So let’s hope the legs work when I get up in a little while.

What I am mostly is happy and grateful. And sympathetic to LT, who sat waiting in my room for something like two and a half hours, while I was away.

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