Z is chilly

Some summers, for one reason or another, I don’t turn the Aga off at all, or only for a short time, but it still is quite unusual to be so cold that I was tempted to switch it on today.  I might yet, it’s just that it uses quite a lot of gas and it seems such an extravagance, just for me, as August approaches.  Still, it’s no great problem to turn it off again when the weather improves. I have switched on an electric fire this afternoon.

I’m a bit taken aback at the nuisance and cost of feeding one small cat.  Zig simply gave all hers the best dried food – the sort you get from the vet, that doesn’t have cereal in (though she buys it online, as it’s way cheaper) but, as I was quite concerned about Eloise’s lack of bladder and bowel activity, I bought her some sachets (‘pouches’ as they seem to be called) of cat food and now, of course, she only eats the dried food if she must.  She should do as it’s better for her teeth.  But these pouches – Roses gives her cat up to five of them a day and Eloise eats three and this is both expensive and very wasteful of materials – cans are recyclable, after all.  But I haven’t read the small print on the cans yet and I’m not confident of their quality.  I’m considering buying fresh meat for her instead – anyone got any advice on the subject?  I know that dogs need more than just meat but that cats are more carnivorous and also shouldn’t have much fat.  I’ll have a scout around on the internet, but experienced advice would be welcome.  Weeza has asked a vet friend about catching the feral cats – they’re so sweet, I hate the thought of upsetting them – and there’s a helpful cat sanctuary that she recommends I contact.

I’ve had a deliberately quiet day today.  I played the clarinet in church, which wasn’t so quiet – played the second song at a cracking pace and was out of puff by the end – but put my feet up and read after that.  I had salami, Parma ham and so on, plus strawberries and cherries, for lunch – the English cherries have been fantastic this year, really wonderful – for lunch, nice food for picking at and, having fed the chickens and kits, went for an early bath.  Of course, someone called round to see me and had to leave a message with Roses, but he’s phoned since and is dropping in tomorrow morning.  I hope that the big machinery will be leaving my barn this week but have been asked to organise a tractor or similar to get it all out.

4 comments on “Z is chilly

  1. Helen

    We had a cat that lived happily for years on cheap boiled white fish , chicken and cat sweets that had added vitamins.

  2. LZM

    Sidney, Squeak, Gourmet, Mugwamps and Fritters lived happily and healthily on dry food, about half a can of canned food occasionally (they liked some flavors better than others) and less frequently a treat or two. Cats can be very picky if you let them. Miss the uncanny ability of them to make you fall asleep just by sitting in your lap.

  3. kipper

    Pesto is 18 1/2 years old. The vet said to give her canned food and also dry kibble. We have to be careful and get the kibble the vet recommended as the cat is older and has to take thyroid pills. The kilbble is from Nature’s Variety. Vet said whatever canned food work. Pesto sort of liked Friskies but prefers Priority canned food available at Safeway. As LZM said, cats can be finicky eaters if you let them. Pesto likes bits of cantaloupe, tinned peaches, smooshed garden peas etc. as snacks-can’t figure that one out!


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