Z forgets what she was going to say

I spent the morning sorting things out, or attempting to, anyway, as everything ended with a phone call that put the….. What?

i wrote that, except the final word, last night, but now don’t remember at all what that phone call was about.  I’m not giving much of a clue, I have to admit.

last night, I was so tired that I went to have a bath with the idea that I’d write a blog post in bed,  half a sentence was quite enough before I went to sleep.  Oh well.

yesterdays achievement, in practical terms, was clearing out the broom cupboard.  I’ve discovered I have a whole lot more dustpans and brushes that I ever expected, and also several bottles of silver polish.  Today, Stevo and I made inroads into the disaster area of my study.  It isn’t finished, as I was too bored for words, but it’s half there.  And I’m not letting it get so cluttered ever again.

i have contacted Cats Protection and they are funding the neutering of all the cats.  I *just* have to catch them and take them to the vet.  I shall go in and talk to them tomorrow about it.

I’m really struggling at present, for a number of reasons, overridden by the memory of all the events of a year ago.  I dislike anniversaries and try to disregard them, but it’s not possible at present.  Three weeks tomorrow is the anniversary of Russell’s death, but the anxiety of the weeks leading up to it is very painful.  I’m doing my best to rise above it, it’ll get better as time goes on because it must.

I’m staying with Weeza and family tonight, because the children will be with me tomorrow – that is, Gus will be with his childminder in the morning, then Zerlina is going tubing in the afternoon and then both of them are coming home with me.  The tubing takes place at the local dry ski slope and Z is looking forward to it extremely.  Things are so much more fun than when I was a child.

6 comments on “Z forgets what she was going to say

    1. Z Post author

      I’m not sure that I did, Mike. I had a very over-protective mother, who wasn’t interested in child-based things at all. So I neither had freedom to get on and explore, nor was taken to do fun things. On the other hand, I was very well-read for a child.

  1. barncatvintage

    Z,last year I had to try to trap 6 or 7 feral cats….mother, father and several babies and another srtay as well….we had been feeding them for a while. so they were at least comfortable in our back yard. I purchased two “Have-a Heart” humane traps that were large enough to get two or three cats in each. We didn’t put any food out for a day and 1/2 so they would be good and hungry….Set the traps with food far enough inside so that they would go way into the traps and then watched and waited from our kitchen window. In no time you could hear the traps close and we got all 6 inside and straight to the vets to get spayed/neutered. We had a local shelter that would do the surgeries for free if you qualified. Happy to say all of them are ours now and very happy .

    1. Z Post author

      Well, that’s a brilliant achievement. I have to say, I feel very guilty at what seems like betraying their trust, though I know it’s absolutely the right thing to do. I’m getting a borrowed trap at the weekend and can only hope I can catch them without too much trauma on all sides.


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