Z is a bit tired tonight

It’s been a tricky day, one way and another.  I’ve discovered my accountant has left the firm, having been with it a good twenty years – I’m dismayed at the prospect of explaining everything to someone else, the thought makes me tired.  I’d forgotten that the lecture we’d expected to hear this morning wasn’t being given because the lecturer has been taken seriously ill – the replacement was very good in fact, but it’s all making me edgy.  The auction was good and interesting but the auctioneers were really rather slow – or rather, the bidders were.  Just bid, dammit, if you’re going to, and don’t come in at the very last moment when the hammer is about to fall.  Then, on the way back, we were diverted because of roadworks several times, then had a great deal of difficulty finding the place we wanted – which was the accountant’s, in fact, as i need to check out what he was in the middle of to find out how far he’d got – there are new buildings under construction which makes the area look so different that I missed the turning altogether.

And there’s a lot of dealing with insurance, tenants, workmen, going on.  I rather want to stop the week and start again, although it wouldn’t make any difference.

Onwards, upwards, etc.  At least the Thai-ish sauce I made tonight has so much left that, tomorrow, I can hard-boil some eggs and add them for a simple meal tomorrow night.  I wondered why the large quantity of coriander I’d added hadn’t added a lot to the taste, until I ate a leaf.  Parsley.  Sigh, darlings, sigh.  I chucked in the coriander too, of course.  It’s all greens, innit?

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