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Peeved as I am, because the insurance company was supposed to phone this morning between 9 and 12 noon and the buggers didn’t ring at all – I wasn’t out of sound of the phone all day and even took it with me when I watered the greenhouse, fed the animals and went to the loo (TMI, but true) – it’s a very first world problem when news comes through of the atrocity in Westminster this afternoon.

I don’t tend to do current affairs on this blog and I’m not going to start.  But I will mention the wonderful people whose instinct was to help.  Mine would probably have been to run, unless – maybe – I saw I could help and was the best person to do so at the moment.  But love and appreciation for the helpers, for whom loving kindness overcame fear.

And to come back to the Zeddary, young Stevo is still plugging away at smartening the place up. He nearly cleared the bed by the Wall this afternoon and promises to finish the job tomorrow.  We will get there.  Although we have no plans to leave here at present, I do browse RightMove every so often, and I finally found a house I rather like.  Fortunately, it isn’t perfect, as it doesn’t have a dining room – the “kitchen/breakfast room” seems to be it, which doesn’t seem adequate for a six bedroom house with a big sitting room, a study and a “snug” – maybe that’s why it’s reduced in price.  Anyway.  Probably wouldn’t like it if I saw it.

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    1. Z Post author

      Well, there were eight chairs to the sides of the table and none at the ends. And it had a four oven Aga in the kitchen. Just 0.6 of an acre garden. But no actual dining room, not even one.

        1. Z Post author

          In the village we went to but not by the water. Hang on, I’ll look on the iPad and see if I can work out how 🙂


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