Z is a bit down

I meant to finish the study today but it didn’t happen.  I ran out of verve or even determination. I dealt with another batch of papers, keeping a couple of folders-full and burning the rest, toddled off to the supermarket for provisions and then I sat down with a cup of tea and the paper.  Eloise sat on my lap, firmly making it clear that I wasn’t to read.  After a few minutes, I sneaked a look at the other paper, and she moved onto that.  So I accepted the rightness of her judgement and we snuggled down together and went to sleep.

Later, I went out to feed the chickens, who were shut up today because it’s so windy – I knew they’d moistly just huddle under the hedge.  And there was one of the black bantams, pecking away at some spilt corn, surrounded by newly-hatched chicks.  I was utterly dismayed.  I didn’t say so because I was too upset but a fox got a few chickens the other week – I thought three, but evidently two, one of them had gone away to sit.  I still have a coop in the greenhouse so I gathered up the chicks in a pail and the mother under my arm – there are eleven chicks.  Eleven!  I’ve still got five half-grown ones, whose mother has now been returned to the flock and I don’t yet know what sex they are.  Twenty full-grown bantams, including the cock.  I went into town and bought chick crumbs and mother was very pleased with herself as she settled down with her brood.

I think I’m going to have to make a bigger run and not let the chickens be free-range any more.  I’m really sad about this, they love to have the freedom of the garden and I like to see them, but I can’t have this any more.  Even if I have the cockerel killed, which seems so mean, they’ll lay away and hide their eggs.  I can’t take it any more, last summer defeated me.

Edweena was moving about in her hibernation spot this afternoon.  I think I’d better tidy up the indoor run in case she wakes up in the next few days.

On the other hand, Eloise is being adorably cuddly at present.  And Tim is coming back home (where he lives is also home, of course) tomorrow, so we’ll be happy again.  Bit of housework to do first though, all that paper burning made a lot of dust, even by my casual standards.  I’ll just shut the door on the study for a day or two.

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    1. Z Post author

      No fireplace in there, I’ve used the drawing room fire. I’d have been better using one of the woodburners, though, I think it would have caused less dust. Paper is quite hard to burn, when there’s a lot of it.


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