Z goes paperless

I’ve been turning out my study.  And I’ve thrown away all the papers from many years back, from all my voluntary jobs.  All except those that must be kept, and those are in a couple of boxes, waiting to go back to the village church and the high school.  A boxful to one and a folderful to the other.  I’ve burned a lot, including some papers, dating from 14 years ago, that I had not expected to get rid of.  I can’t tell you what it’s about, I actually signed a legally-binding affirmation of confidentiality and I have no idea of the penalty for breaching it and don’t intend to find out.  There were other papers there which are as confidential without the legal bit added and they’ve gone too.  So it’s all a true secret because I’m not telling anyone and no one else knows the full story.

It’s a release, I realised, once I’d done it.  And it’s so long ago that I can’t be blamed for not keeping it.  So hah.

Having said that, I’m only halfway through the work in that room, because it had become the repository for everything I didn’t know what else to do with.  But I’ll finish the job and it’ll be jolly good to have done it.

Boring, though.  And I smell of smoke, rather.  I hope to finish tomorrow.

Yesterday’ s photo holds a caption competition.  I still think Tim’s (the title) is rather good, but if there are more then he will, being no end polite and charming, back down and award the title to one of you.  So do have a go and you’ll get a prize at the blog party – whether this year or a future one is up to you!

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  1. Z Post author

    All have won and all will have prizes – at the blog party, of course! Anon, since you haven’t left your email, I don’t know who you are 🙂


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