Z hums and hahs

The morning has been largely taken up with telephone calls.  Few of them were remotely interesting to me, being social, business or car-related ones for the Sage, but the one I received on my mobile was considerably more engaging.  Wink rang me, in part to tell me that Auntie Dodo, our mother’s oldest friend (they met over 70 years ago) who is aged 99 has just gone into a residential home for some respite care.  She lives alone but her only bathroom is upstairs so it’s not that easy for her to manage – the staircase is quite unsuitable for a stairlift.  We’re not sure if she’ll be able to go back home, or not for long – Wink will keep me posted.  She’s Wink’s godmother, we’ve known her all our lives and she’s very dear to us.

The second matter is that the younger sister of the girl whose wedding we went to in Madras ten years ago is getting married in April.  Wink is invited of course, but she said she can’t go and wondered if I might.  I said I’d be too busy – but I did tell the Sage about it when he arrived home.  His immediate reaction was to encourage me to go, even if it is on my own.  I’ve phoned Wink back, she’s thinking about it too now.  It’s Easter Sunday, and she’s been invited to London for the Hockney exhibition and other things, tickets already bought, and she’ll probably have some work offered too … all the same, we’re both very tempted and we’re thinking about it.  We’d both love to go.  We’ll speak again on Monday and then, if she’s considering it, she’ll speak to her friend.  I’ve said that I’ll sleep on it and make up my own mind – that is, my decision won’t hinge on hers and I won’t put her under the pressure of saying I’ll only go if she will.

I love India and haven’t been for several years.  We’d have to be based in Madras – which I should really call Chennai nowadays – and not fit in an extra trip this time which is a pity as I’d dearly love to visit my friend How Do We Know in Delhi – but this would count as an impulsive extra and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t go oop north another time.  I’m still undecided.  However, a single encouraging comment might tip the balance.  Or I might not be that easily led.  Hmm.

I’m going to go and make a cake while I think about it.  Hah.

15 comments on “Z hums and hahs

  1. Paff Rine

    Well that is easy Z, of course you should go! You haven’t had a proper holiday in ages and it would be lovely to see her again. Do it, don’t even think about it!! 🙂

  2. martina

    Go! Look at how many times you have talked about the great memories of the other wedding.
    BW, hope she puts me on the silks/textiles list too.

  3. Roses

    Of course you must go. It would be rude not to.

    Besides, as has been pointed out, you haven’t had a holiday for awhile now.

    India for Easter….how lovely.

  4. Wink

    Let’s stop faffing around and go! Sent an email to double check if OK we both go! Will leep you posted but sure they’ll be delighted S.d work?

  5. Z

    Well let’s face it, Wink, I made my mind up as soon as the Sage said “go!”

    Puzzling over S.d work? I’m sure I should know what on earth you’re talking about.


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