Z fails her eye test

It’s quite sad that it’s worthy of remark, but I’ve managed to be reasonably sociable this week.  Lunch out twice, a girly evening at a friend’s house tonight, supper with friends the other evening.  This counts as a social whirl for me.  Unfortunately, none of it included the Sage, but one can’t have everything.

I went to have my eyes tested this morning.  It didn’t go well.  The optician did the thing of trying one lens after another, asking me which of each pair was clearer.  I find it really difficult to be sure, quite often, and after a while he told me that my answers were all over the place and giving contradictory results.  Their retinascope (not sure if that’s entirely the right word, something like that) was on the blink so he couldn’t check using that.  I looked shamefaced I daresay – anyway, I’ve had to make another appointment to go back next week.  I spoke to Dilly afterwards and then my friend Mary and they both told me that they find this test impossible to evaluate too.  Glad to know it isn’t only me.

I did explain to him that my contact lens isn’t chosen on the basis of my prescription anyway, but by what works for me because I’m better just using one, looking at a distance through my right eye and close to with my left.  All I really need is to check I can see well enough to drive and to check the health of my eyes – not that I told him that, mind you, he might think I was undermining his professional expertise.  I’ll see what he says, I don’t want much change in my prescription.

Tomorrow is a remarkably popular date for birthdays.  My dear friend Kenny’s wife will be 90 – Kenny is very poorly and both the Sage and I are visiting every day and will do until the end.  I have the feeling that he’ll see her through her birthday and then let go.  Dilly’s mum’s birthday is tomorrow too.  She’s just retired from her job and she and Dilly’s dad are looking at each other, wondering how all this new-found togetherness will work out.  And it’s also Chris’s – our blogger friend Chris, that is – birthday.  So, love and best wishes to them all.

9 comments on “Z fails her eye test

  1. lx

    Best wishes on the re-test.

    I have my checked once a year. The prescription hardly changes, but I need to get new glasses simply because of wear.

  2. Blue Witch

    Almost no-one’s contact lens prescription matches their spectacle prescription – because of the distance between the respective lens and the eye.

    Is your optician still using a box of lenses and inserting them into a frame?

    Hope Kenny is comfortable: he’s lucky to have friends like you and the Sage to visit every day.

    Happy Brthdays to all.

  3. Roses

    Happy Birthday to Muriel, to Dilly’s mum and to Chris.

    You’ve reminded me, I must have mine checked as well.

    I’m sorry to hear Kenny is poorly. Not being able to eat properly is probably taking a toll. I know when my dad stopped eating it then became a matter of time. It’s so horrible watching the decline. But Kenny is so lucky that you don’t let him do this alone.

  4. Z

    I’m considerably overdue with my test, but I’ve no reason to think there will be much change.

    Yes he is, BW, although I don’t remember much reliance on that last time I went. But with his instrument out of commission, he had to try that. In fact, I could do with a pair of glasses for playing music, just where my short vision and long vision don’t quite meet in the middle. I’m hoping he’ll get what I mean, otherwise I’m going to have to take my prescription and find another optician.

    His family visits too, his wife and son every afternoon and his daughter and her husband every evening, and grandchildren etc when they can. He’s barely eating or drinking. I hope our presence is some comfort during his endurance; at least he’s not in pain.

  5. Scarlet Blue

    Last time I had my eyes tested, I heard the optician and her assistant muttering in a corner whilst looking at my notes: We’ll have to keep an eye on that, she said.
    Most worrisome.

  6. Z

    And they didn’t tell you what? It can’t be anything too worrying or they’d have said, but all the same, you’d want to know.

  7. Tim

    You didn’t fail, you just didn’t completely pass.
    Last time I had mine done, I was told they’d got better. That’s not meant to happen, is it?

  8. Z

    Thank you, Jill. It’s not easy but it’s the least we can do for our dear friend, and he’s not in pain. It’s hard for him to lie there but he’s always been very courageous and is dealing with it gracefully. We cannot want him to linger any more than he is.


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