Z hopes there will be enough to eat

It appears that the ham that I bought for tomorrow’s lunch weighs 20 lbs, which is just over 9 kilos. Hm. It has been soaking in the kitchen sink for several hours. I looked in several cookery books to work out the cooking time, but the half-hour per pound in one (far too long) and the half-hour boiling on the cooking plate followed by 20 minutes per pound in the simmering oven, in the Aga book, didn’t seem to help – my ham pan won’t fit in the oven, for a start.

Finally, I brought down Mrs Beeton. For a ten-pound ham on the bone, she said helpfully, cook 4 hours. For 15 pounds, 5 hours. A really large ham will need to be boiled for 6 hours. That sounds fine. Depending on what time I get up tomorrow, lunch will be about seven hours later (it has to come to the boil first and, at the end, be glazed in the oven).

I trust I’ll be up earlier tomorrow than we were today. We fell asleep wrapped in each other again, and didn’t wake until 10.

Tomorrow, the whole family will be together for lunch. Wink arrived in time for lunch and El and Phil came along during the afternoon.

10 comments on “Z hopes there will be enough to eat

  1. Z

    It can just be left to simmer for all that time, D, there’s no work involved. I’ve spent the last 20 minutes boiling kettles of water to cover it and putting in herbs and spices to flavour the water, and now I’ll leave it to get on by itself.

    Last night I ate some delicious soan papdi, which our Indian friend brought with her and gave to my sister a few weeks ago. I come back with boxes of it when I visit – the brand I like is one I’ve only been able to find at Chennai airport!

  2. Z

    Oh. You were going to tell me that I shouldn’t, under any circumstances, dip my finger in the caramel when I’m putting together a croquembouche? I found that out the hard way, about 40 years ago.


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