Christmas Day

Happy Christmas, darling friends.

I’m running late as the Sage and I, woken by the radio at 7.30, wrapped our arms around each other and fell asleep again until after 9, and I’m due in church in another ten minutes.

Being entertained for Christmas dinner is splendid. No work to do. When I get back, all I’ll have to do is play with the children.

Have a lovely day xx

love from Zoë

10 comments on “Christmas Day

  1. Dave

    I think I had about ten minutes sleep, between my midnight service and the Christmas Day one – not because I was in someone’s arms, but because of my friendly stones.

    Still, I can doze during the Queen’s speech.

  2. Honey

    sounds like the perfect start!
    we were woken by the kids (2yrs and 4) bouncing on our bed at 6am with stockings to open and share. Actually.. also a lovely way to wake up! Hope the rest of the day was fun and gentle.
    Merry chistmas!


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