Z heads West

I think I’m ready.  It’s been  rather difficult day, a lot happening and it’s so hard to get anything finished when there are so many people wanting my attention.  However, I’ve packed and loaded up the car – rather a lot of stuff to take for just one week, as I need sheets and towels, warm and waterproof clothes and the food and drink.  I may not need the wet weather gear, but I rather suspect I will.  The forecast says so – and besides, I’m heading West and we all know that’s the wet side of the country.

Charlotte is here dogsitting and Roses is on hand to look after the bantams and tortoises.

I still have quite a lot to do in the morning before I leave, so I”ve set the alarm for 6.30.  I don’t like getting up early, it makes the day too damn long, but needs must.

When we were turning out the attic, we found some photos from about 20 years back.  A number of them were of the children and others were of Chester, my setter/collie cross.  I’ll scan some of them in to show you, when I get home.

Now, bed.  Benj has been hogging the bed rather and I didn’t get much sleep last night.  He jumps up, or rather lumbers, while I’m getting out of the bath and pins down the bedclothes so that I find myself having to burrow well down to get warm.

Have a good time while I’m away, hope to manage a quick post or two in the next week but apologies if it isn’t possible.  Mig says that internet coverage in Wales lacks enthusiasm.

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